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TiQ-ToQ? TikTok Advertising For Quantum Research Intern

Of the many potential use cases for quantum computing — off the top of my head: managing large financial portfolios, improving human health, saving the world from the devastation of climate change, etc. etc. — somehow we missed viral video creation.

While we may have missed how big an impact quantum computing could have on things like producing lip-synching videos or demonstrating the latest dance moves, TikTok hasn’t. The company behind the video-sharing app is looking for a quantum research intern for the summer of 2023.

The team sounds like they know their stuff.

According to the job advertisement: “We study the electronic structure and other quantum chemistry topics using machine-learning-based ab initio methods as well as quantum computing technology. We aim at applications intractable for classical methods and expect to achieve breakthroughs in areas like chemistry and materials.”

TikTok is seeking candidates who will design and develop kernel modules or core features for cloud-native distributed analytical database systems. They will also conduct database and data management research and solve unique and complex problems on large-scale, high-performance cloud infrastructure. They will also be expected to partner on projects to build backend support for cloud native database service.

Candidates should be currently pursuing a doctorate in computer science, or related STEM or quantitative field.
They should hav experience with at least one system programming language, such as C++, Java, or Rust.

No indication on whether the candidates must also be able to do the Floss or have advanced Twerk accreditation.

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Jake Vikoren

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Araceli Venegas

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Matt Swayne

With a several-decades long background in journalism and communications, Matt Swayne has worked as a science communicator for an R1 university for more than 12 years, specializing in translating high tech and deep tech for the general audience. He has served as a writer, editor and analyst at The Quantum Insider since its inception. In addition to his service as a science communicator, Matt also develops courses to improve the media and communications skills of scientists and has taught courses. [email protected]

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