UKQuantum Launches Consortium to Accelerate UK Innovation


Insider Brief

  • UKQuantum serves as the single voice of the industry to guide and promote quantum research and technology within the UK and internationally
  • The founding committee has already been working with BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) to shape their quantum strategy
  • The Consortium is opening up membership that will offer considerable benefits to members.

PRESS RELEASE — UKQuantum is an industry-led consortium founded to be the voice of the UK quantum industry. Building upon the UK’s premier research and education institutions, UKQuantum will ensure that the United Kingdom remains a world leader in the quantum technology industry. Now open for membership applications, UKQuantum welcomes all quantum parties across the quantum ecosystem to join and help shape the future of quantum technology in the UK.

The founding committee has already laid the foundations for a united UK voice both in government and across international quantum bodies of repute, working with BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) to shape their quantum strategy. UKQuantum will also advocate for interventions and policies that will advance the UK market.

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Science and Investment Security Minister Nusrat Ghani said: “Quantum forms a vital part of the Government’s vision for the UK to become a global science and technology superpower, and these exciting new technologies have the potential to transform our society and economy, from advancing drug discovery to helping to reduce gas emissions. So, I am extremely pleased that UKQuantum is now open to membership applications, uniting the industry while working closely with Government to help to shape the future of quantum technology in the UK.”

The UK has a rich heritage of innovation and the UK government is on track to invest over £1 billion in quantum technologies through its National Quantum Technology Programme. Nonetheless, other countries are investing heavily in quantum and it will take a close partnership between the private and public sectors to ensure the UK maintains a leadership position.

As the quantum ecosystem grows in the country, cooperation will be key. UKQuantum will work proactively with other international consortia such as QED-C, QuIC and Q-STAR and will act as a common interface for these organisations. It will also work closely with other technology organisations such as TechUK. By pulling together resources and amplifying ideas and concerns of the membership, the consortium can better advocate and effectively coordinate efforts to develop a world-leading quantum industry.

BT’s CTO Howard Watson commented: “Quantum-enabled technologies are expected to have a profound impact on how society and business operates in the future. I’m delighted that BT has been a lead partner in setting up this consortium to drive this new economy for the benefit of the UK.”

Orca Computing’s CEO Richard Murray commented: “Quantum is a hugely exciting field to work in right now, and particularly in the UK. We have vibrant industrial, academic and government communities who are focused both nationally and internationally. Therefore I’m extremely happy to welcome UKQuantum onto the scene, helping to provide a coordinating industry-centric voice. UKQuantum will step in where gaps emerge to help facilitate interactions, broadcast news and spread informative content to this emerging quantum industry.”

Oxford Instruments NanoScience MD Stuart Woods commented: “The establishment of UKQuantum is an important step in developing and commercialising quantum in both local and international markets. The Consortium, in its role as interface and facilitator between member organisations, will allow for greater innovation through, for example, the movement of key talent between like-minded nations”.

By joining, members have the opportunity to:

  • Attend monthly webinars and committees on relevant topics across the ecosystem
  • Connect directly with other member organisations
  • Provide feedback to UK government leadership on topics ranging from commercialisation to hiring
  • Keep informed about UK opportunities, priorities, and policies
  • Participate in workshops to define key HMG policies and priorities.

Organisers expect this list of benefits to grow as the consortium explores and incorporates other activities that are voted for by members. Core to its operations, will be acting as a clear interface between industry and government.

Find out more and apply for membership at 

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