Zyvex Labs Announces Sub-Nanometer Resolution Lithography System

Zyvex Labs
Zyvex Labs
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Insider Brief

  • Zyvex Lab’s latest tool uses quantum physics technology to achieve atomic precision patterning and sub-nanometer (768 picometers, the width of silicon.
  • The tool is particularly of interest to silicon quantum computer approaches.
  • The new device will be the first commercially available tool to provide atomic precision patterning.

PRESS RELEASE — Zyvex Labs has announced the world’s highest resolution lithography system — ZyvexLitho1.  This tool uses quantum physics technology to achieve atomic precision patterning and sub-nanometer (768 picometers – the width of a Si (100) 2×1 dimer row) resolution. This advancement enables quantum computers to provide unbreakable encryption for truly secure communications; also faster drug discovery; and more accurate weather prediction.

ZyvexLitho1 is based on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) instrumentation that Zyvex Labs has been improving upon since 2007.  ZyvexLitho1 incorporates numerous automation features and capabilities that are not available on any commercial Scanning Tunneling Microscope. Zyvex Labs is now taking orders for ZvyvexLitho1 systems and delivery will be approximately 6 months ARO.

“There are many challenges to building a scalable quantum computer. We strongly believe that to realize the full potential of quantum computing, high precision manufacturing is required,” said Professor Michelle Simmons. “We are excited about the ZyvexLitho1, the first commercially available tool to provide atomic precision patterning.”

The inventor of STM lithography, Professor Joe Lyding, stated: “The Zyvex Labs technology is, by far, the most advanced and only commercially available realization of this atomically precise lithographic technique.” Lyding is the 2014 Feynman Prize winner and the Robert C. MacClinchie Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois.

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Embedded within ZyvexLitho1 is the ZyVector. This 20-bit digital control system with low-noise and low-latency, enables our users to make atomically precise patterns for solid-state quantum devices and other nano-devices and materials. The complete ZyvexLitho1 system also includes a ScientaOmicron Ultra-High Vacuum STM configured for making quantum devices.

“I’m looking forward in continuing the fruitful cooperation with Zyvex,” commented Dr. Andreas Bettac, Product Manager SPM, ScientaOmicron. “Here we combine the latest UHV system design and a well proven and established SPM from ScientaOmicron with the dedicated high-precision STM controller for STM based lithography from Zyvex.”

This product was made possible by support from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), the Army Research Office, the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the Department of Energy, and Professor Reza Moheimani of the University of Texas at Dallas who was recently awarded the Industrial Achievement Award by the International Federation of Automated Control “for control developments in support of the fabrication of quantum silicon devices at the single atom scale.”

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