Quantum China Weekly – Volume 14 (2021/07/10-2021/07/16)

Quantum China Weekly
Quantum China Weekly
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Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology.

Quantum China mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.


SpinQ’s Quantum Computer Exported to European Market

On July 12, SpinQ announced that its desktop NMR quantum computer “Taurus” has been successfully shipped from Shenzhen to Oslo International Airport and will be delivered to Oslo City University in the coming weeks. This deal marks the official opening of the European market for SpinQ. The company has already reached strategic agreements with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology and many other universities, and the products have been sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places.

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QuantumCTek quantum computing control products were selected as the first set of major technological equipment in Anhui Province

On July 13, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province announced the list of the first batch of major technology and equipment in Anhui Province in 2021, and QuantumCTek’s 24-Qubit superconducting quantum computing control system was selected.

XT Quantech Random Number Generator Passes Testing

Recently, XT Quantech has received a test report issued by CTTL , which shows that its self-developed quantum random number generator (XT-QRNG100) has passed the commercial security test and is the first batch of miniaturized quantum random number generator products in China to receive authoritative certification. By now, the company has formed a complete set of quantum cryptography solutions around the quantum random number generator, and can provide a complete set of quantum security solutions for industry customers with commercial security compliance.

Alibaba Uses Its Quantum Simulator to Conduct QRNG Quantum Cryptography Tests

Alibaba has begun testing the quantum encryption technology, it has developed in applications including Alipay. At the heart of this work is random number generation, which is performed on one of Alibaba’s quantum simulators. Ali says the scheme generates random numbers that can be combined with encryption-related protocols, authentication technologies or key management systems, as opposed to QRNGs with inherent unpredictability that can be used to greatly enhance the security of cryptosystems.


Duan Luming’s group at Tsinghua University achieves on-demand access to quantum memory in the microwave band

Recently, Lu-Ming Duan’s group at the Institute of Cross-Information, Tsinghua University has made important progress in the field of quantum storage, realizing the phase-preserving storage and reading of microwave pulses at the single-photon level with the help of dynamic modulation of a multiresonator system experimentally for the first time, and using this method to demonstrate on-demand access to time-divisionally encoded quantum bits (time-bin qubits). The paper has been published in the international academic journal Physical Review Letters.


The Institute of Physics CAS realizes an extremely low temperature below 10mK and no liquid helium dilution refrigerator

Recently, a prototype non-liquid helium dilution refrigerator independently developed by The Institute of Physics CAS has achieved extremely low temperature operation below 10mK (0.01 degrees above absolute zero). According to the introduction, the prototype liquid helium-free dilution refrigerator has achieved a continuous and stable operation of 10.9mK, which meets the conditions required for superconducting quantum computing, and the single-stroke operation mode can be lower than 8.7mK, basically reaching the level of international mainstream products.

USTC achieves the fastest real-time quantum random number generator to date

Professors Pan Jianwei and Zhang Jun of the University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), together with the research group of Professor Chu Tao of Zhejiang University, achieved the fastest real-time quantum random number generator with a rate of 18.8 Gbps by developing silicon-based photonic integrated chips and optimizing real-time post-processing. The research results have laid a solid technical foundation for the development of low-cost commercial quantum random number generator single chip.


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