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Rigetti Announces New Partnerships and Details Multi-Year Roadmap Designed to Reach Quantum Advantage

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Insider Brief

  • Rigetti Computing, Inc. shared its updated multi-year roadmap regarding its partnerships and Fab-1 facility, at its inaugural investor day.
  • The company said the upcoming Ankaa™ 84-qubit system is slated for release in early 2023, followed by the Lyra™ 336-qubit system expected in late 2023.
  • In addition to an updated roadmap, Rigetti announced several key partnerships, including collaborations with Keysight, NVIDIA, Bluefors and Microsoft Azure.
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PRESS RELEASE — Rigetti Computing, Inc. (“Rigetti” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: RGTI), a pioneer in hybrid quantum-classical computing, will share its updated multi-year roadmap today along with other notable updates regarding its partnerships and Fab-1 facility, at its inaugural investor day. The roadmap spans Rigetti’s distinctive full-stack approach and is designed to help Rigetti and its partners reach critical Quantum Advantage milestones, which the Company will speak to more throughout the event.

“As a trailblazer in quantum, Rigetti is focused on delivering performance at scale to be the industry standard,” said Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of the Company. “We are making strategic, long-term investments in quantum hardware, software, and partnerships that we believe will enable us to progress toward Quantum Advantage.”

“In addition, we’re excited to announce several key partnerships,” Rigetti continued. ”These include a partnership with Bluefors to deliver new modular dilution fridges to support our planned 336Q, 1,000Q+, and 4,000Q+ quantum processing units. Earlier this week, we announced the public preview of our current 80Q Aspen-M-2 and 40Q Aspen-11 systems on Microsoft’s Azure Quantum. Rigetti quantum computers are now available on the world’s two largest public cloud platforms.”

Keysight True-Q Error Mitigation Tools on Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS™)

Rigetti will announce the upcoming release of Keysight’s True-Q error mitigation software integrated into Rigetti QCS. This will be the first third party software tool to be integrated directly into the QCS platform, advancing the Company’s partnership strategy to accelerate quantum advantage.

“Keysight’s True-Q software brings a broad suite of capabilities that will help Rigetti’s user base achieve higher performance quantum computing,” said Joseph Emerson, Director of Advanced Research, QES at Keysight Technologies. “We have worked together to streamline access for Rigetti customers to Keysight’s advanced quantum compiler technologies. I am excited to see more to come from the integration of Keysight software tools with the Rigetti platform at the forefront of the race toward quantum advantage.”

Partnership with NVIDIA to Develop Hybrid GPU-QPU Workflow for Climate Modeling

Rigetti will announce a new collaboration with NVIDIA to develop a hybrid GPU-QPU workflow for climate modeling applications. The project aims to evaluate the potential for narrow quantum advantage in this research domain by applying quantum machine learning techniques in a high-performance hybrid workflow. The work builds on recent weather modeling work by Rigetti that suggested a potential for quantum advantage through this hybrid quantum-classical approach.

“Addressing challenges from an evolving climate is one of society’s most important tasks, and improving our ability to model the climate is essential to make data-driven decisions,” said Tim Costa, Director of HPC and Quantum Product at NVIDIA. “We are excited to partner with Rigetti to explore how combining the best of quantum and GPU accelerated computing can help address this challenge.”

Public Preview of Rigetti Quantum Processors on Microsoft Azure Quantum

Earlier this week, Rigetti announced the release of its Aspen-M-2 80-qubit and Aspen-11 40-qubit in public preview on Azure Quantum. Rigetti’s integration with Azure supports Quil, Rigetti’s native quantum programming language, and Quil-T for pulse level programming. With the Azure announcement, Rigetti is now available on the world’s two largest public cloud platforms.

Performance at Scale: Delivering Next-Generation Hardware in 2023

  • Rigetti remains on track to deliver against its hardware roadmap in 2023 with a focus on delivering performance at scale. The upcoming Ankaa™ 84-qubit system is slated for release in early 2023, followed by the Lyra™ 336-qubit system expected in late 2023. Ankaa and Lyra will leverage Rigetti’s fourth generation circuit architecture, introducing higher connectivity and tunable coupling, designed to ultimately deliver fidelities exceeding 99%. Notably, the Lyra system will bring together Rigetti advancements in scale and performance by combining Rigetti’s existing multi-chip scaling technology with the fourth generation architecture.
  • Rigetti will showcase plans to further expand its Fab-1 facility, which it expects to be completed late in the fourth quarter of 2022. The build-out includes an additional 5,000 square feet of clean room space for wafer manufacturing—nearly doubling its original capacity—as well as additional capabilities for performing tightly integrated cryo-microwave testing on Rigetti quantum chips.
  • Rigetti has entered into a partnership with Bluefors, a leading provider of cryogenic systems, to deliver next-generation cryogenic platforms for Rigetti’s upcoming 336Q, 1,000Q+, and 4,000Q+ quantum processing units. These new KIDE cryogenic platforms are expected to provide the larger size, increased cooling power, and modular design needed to support Rigetti’s integrated product roadmap. Rigetti plans to take delivery of its first KIDE in early 2023, with subsequent deliveries planned for late 2023 and beyond.

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