Quantum Computer AI: Explained [+8 Leading Companies]

Quantum Computer AI – Powering Computers With Quantum Brains
Quantum Computer AI – Powering Computers With Quantum Brains
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Quantum Computer AI – or quantum artificial intelligence – is an emerging powerful technological solution driven by quantum science. Quantum computers running AI could revolutionize numerous industries and fields.

According to many experts, once quantum computers achieve fault-tolerant performance, a quantum computer artificial intelligence would apply that incredibly powerful error-corrected computational ability to computer systems designed to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. The tasks naturally suited for quantum computing AI include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, financial analysis and language translation.

How are Quantum Computing and AI connected?

Quantum computing and AI are closely related because quantum computing can provide the power needed to run complex algorithms. Quantum computers possess tremendous potential for handling large datasets that are often used in AI experiments. By using quantum computing technology to analyze data sets faster and more accurately than ever before, AI researchers have been able to make significant strides in fields like machine learning.

Advantages of a Quantum Computer Running AI

Quantum computer AI systems would have a natural advantage over classical computing in many tasks because of their unique ability to apply the principles of quantum mechanics to calculations. Primarily, these principles include superposition and entanglement. Superposition is the ability for quantum bits, or qubits, to seemingly be in multiple positions at once, rather than just the binary 1 or 0 positions of a standard bit. Entanglement refers to the potential for correlations between qubits, which would exponentially increase the computational ability with each entangled qubit.

A fault-tolerant quantum computer that taps into superposition and entanglement could speed up artificial intelligence tasks, perform more of those tasks and tackle more complex tasks. Compared to classical supercomputers, which must process complex problems over long periods, fault tolerant quantum computers can process those same challenging problems in less time and use less power. That makes implementing quantum computer with AI a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

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Experts, therefore, are currently probing quantum computing AIs in several industries.

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What Industries Could Quantum Computing AI Transform?

Quantum AI, once perfected, would find uses in a number of industries. In fact, eventually, AI systems that are powered by quantum computers would likely touch EVERY industry.

For example, one type of quantum computing AI is called natural language processing. Quantum researchers suggest there is a natural affinity between human language and the language of quantum mechanics. Quantum NLP, then, could create voice-controlled conversation agents – such as Siri and Alexa – that deeply understand your commands and requests.

A quantum computer running AI algorithms could also produce rapid improvement for autonomous driving systems, such as Tesla’s automatic pilot and automated drones.

Pharmaceutical companies might also consider implementing quantum AI into their drug discovery systems, greatly speeding up the complex process of finding just the right molecule to treat the condition, without harmful side-effects. By speeding up this process and increasing the accuracy of drug candidates, the pharmaceutical industry could save billions while delivering these drugs and treatment to market to save lives and alleviate health problems.

8 Leading Quantum Computer AI Companies

The field for quantum computer AI is heating up. The following is a list of a few companies and startups that either are developing quantum computing AI solutions, or are implementing quantum AI solutions – and, usually, both.

1. Google Quantum AI

Google Quantum AI will leverage the vast resources of Google to build quantum processors and develop novel quantum algorithms. Of particular interest for quantum computing AI developers and customers is the company’s TensorFlow Quantum, which focuses on quantum data and building hybrid quantum-classical models.

2. Sandbox AQ

Spun out of Google Quantum AI, Sandbox AQ was created to specifically use AI + Quantum software to address significant business and scientific challenges. The company’s products will be used by companies and organizations in  the public sector, financial services, cybersecurity, health and life sciences, material sciences, among other fields.

3. Quantinuum

Quantinuum is a merger between Honeywell Quantum – and their superb trapped ion quantum hardware – and the quantum software power of Cambridge Quantum. Within the quantum computer AI space, Quantinuum’s offerings go across use cases. They include: quantum machine learning and an open source software toolkit for Natural Language Processing on Quantum Computers call Lambeq.

4. Xanadu

Canadian-based Xanadu is a pioneering quantum computing company and a pioneer in quantum computing AI and quantum computing machine learning. The company is attempting to make rapidly emerging near-term quantum devices accessible to everyone through the cloud. This democratization of quantum is key to the development of quantum machine learning and variational quantum circuits. The company reports their PennyLane is an open-source software framework is ideal for quantum computing AI.

5. QuLabs

Qulabs is building quantum tools, APIs and AI tools for various applications. The startup’s solutions include an easy-to-use interface for leveraging classical-quantum algorithms.

6. Zapata

Zapata developed its Orquestra for applied quantum computing. Its workflows are particularly well-suited for quantum computing AI, specifically for running and managing complex quantum machine learning tasks.

7. Terra Quantum

Terra Quantum’s neural network architecture is designed for fast-evolving processes. It uses a laser interferometry for learning algorithms. The company’s offerings also include a “neurochip”

8. Menten AI

Menten is a drug design company that develops machine learning and quantum computing AI methods to accelerate drug discovery.


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