QuEra Releases Bloqade, a Quantum Simulation Package for Neutral-Atom Quantum Architectures

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QuEra Computing, a Boston, Massachusetts-based startup founded in 2018 focused on neutral-atom technology, has just launched its quantum simulation package for neutral-atom Quantum architectures, called Bloqade.

The startup’s IP, based on patented research from Harvard and MIT, using highly scalable, programmable neutral atom arrays as an industry-leading computational platform, is setting out to tackle critical but classically intractable problems for commercial applications in optimization, simulation, materials science, pharmaceuticals, finance, and machine learning.

Having raised $17 million in funding from investors, including Rakuten, received a DARPA award, and generated $ 11 million in revenue to date, the release of Bloqade is another feather in the QuEra cap.

First announced in a QuEra LinkedIn post, Bloqade is available on Github and is an open-source Julia package for the efficient emulation of quantum computation and quantum simulation based on the neutral-atom architecture. Currently under public release beta, QuEra has made it clear that the “high-level APIs are stable, but that some further exploration and rough edges are expected.”

The startup also thanked the Perimeter Institute and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their contributions.

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