Aqemia Announces an Extension of its First Collaboration With Sanofi About AI & Quantum Physics-driven Drug Discovery in Oncology 

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Aqemia Announces an Extension of its First Collaboration With Sanofi About AI & Quantum Physics-driven Drug Discovery in Oncology 
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PRESS RELEASE — PARIS, France, June 14, 2022 — Aqemia, the next-gen pharmatech company leveraging artificial intelligence and quantum physics announced today that it has entered a new research collaboration with Sanofi.

This new agreement is a follow-up to a Research Collaboration initiated at the end 2020 by Sanofi to bring the unique technologies of Aqemia to the design and discovery of novel molecules in several projects in oncology, a priority therapeutic area for Sanofi. This initial collaboration resulted in promising molecules for an oncology program, for which Sanofi and Aqemia decided to pursue joint efforts.

Aqemia will take responsibility for the AI-based design of optimized molecules that fulfill several small molecule design goals among which potency and selectivity in a priority project in oncology. Unlike most AI-based technologies that need experimental data to train their algorithms prior to starting the design, Aqemia will tackle the drug discovery project by generating its own data with quantum and statistical physics-based calculations. This collaboration includes an undisclosed upfront payment from Sanofi.

Maximilien Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Aqemia, commented, “We are really proud of the results obtained in the first Sanofi-Aqemia oncology collaboration and are very excited to continue working together to accelerate important projects in oncology’’. He added, “This follow-up of our first collaboration project with Sanofi, a global leader in the Pharmaceutical industry, demonstrates our ability to quickly generate novel potent and selective compounds for a given target, and we can’t wait to scale it up to dozens of drug discovery projects.”

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“We are also extremely excited by the promising results obtained by Aqemia using their proprietary and disruptive technology to design potent inhibitors on given targets. We are eager to prolong our collaboration to speed up our candidate finding process for the sake of patients suffering from cancer” said Laurent Schio, head of Integrated Drug Discovery of Sanofi France.

About Aqemia 

Aqemia is a next-gen pharmatech company generating one of the world’s fastest-growing drug discovery pipeline. Our mission is to design fast innovative drug candidates for dozens of critical diseases. Our differentiation lies in our unique quantum and statistical mechanics algorithms fueling a generative artificial intelligence to design novel drug candidates. The disruptive speed and accuracy of our technological platform enables us to scale drug discovery projects just like tech projects.


Maximilien Levesque (CEO & Co-founder) — [email protected]

Emmanuelle Martiano (COO & Co-founder) — [email protected]

For more information visit us on or follow us on LinkedIn

SOURCE: Aqemia

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