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4 Finland Quantum Computing Companies Doing It Right

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Why Finland Quantum Computing?

It wasn’t that long ago that The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs started funding the first Finland Quantum Computing project for VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project was set up to build the Nordic country’s first-ever quantum computer. To help raise Quantum Computing in Finland, VTT asked the startup IQM (described below) to become involved in the project. Beginning at the end of 2020, the project will continue until 2024.

The project is clear proof of where Finland is as a country as far as deep tech innovation goes, and the four companies listed, vanguards for future developments in quantum tech, should be proud of this.

Before we highlight the four startups, I’ll leave some essential words to Himadri Majumdar, Programme Manager for the Quantum Initiative at VTT:

“When it comes to quantum technology, Finland has one of those unique opportunities where a small country has a whole value chain in place. Other countries also have strong ecosystems in quantum technologies, but in almost all cases they are working on many different topics and many different platforms. Finnish researchers focus almost exclusively on the superconducting qubit approach, which they have been using for years and know very well.”

That explains everything really — let’s have a look at the four now that are models for Majumdar’s declaration:

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Finland Quantum Computing Companies

1. Algorithmiq

Finland Quantum Computing Company Logo


Based in Turku, Algorithmiq was founded in 2020 and uses quantum algorithms to solve problems in data science and the life sciences by combining expertise in quantum information, complex systems and computational physics to build algorithms that run on near-term quantum devices.

The startup’s cofounders are Sabrina Maniscalco, Guillermo García-Pérez, Matteo Rossi, and Boris Sokolov.

Visit company’s profile page.

2. Qubit Value (Quantum Computing and AI Finland Company)

Quantum Computing Finland Logo


Based in Helsinki, Qubit Value is a Finland Quantum Computing consulting company, founded in 2020 by Immo Salo, a serial entrepreneur who has focused on the digital revolution since 2006. Salo has written several non-fiction books on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, and analytics. He brings this expertise into the realm of Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Quantum AI, Cloud Services, and Business Technology.

Visit company’s profile page.

3. IQM (First Finland Quantum Computing Company)

Finland QC Logo

Founded in 2018 by Jan Goetz, Juha Vartiainen, Kuan Yen Tan, and Mikko Möttönen as a spinoff of the Finland Quantum Computing and Devices research group of Aalto University, IQM is based in Espoo. With an aim to develop QC hardware utilizing superconducting qubits for a universal general-purpose quantum computer, IQM is one of the more high-profile startups on the list.

Visit company’s profile page.

4. Unitary Zero Space (Helsinki Quantum Computing)

Quantum Finland Logo

Finnish player Unitary Zero Space, a Helsinki-based company, was founded in 2020 by Topias Uotila and is a quantum computing consultancy firm that has set out to build capabilities in QC through education while securing its industry from the challenges of quantum technologies, building on its expertise in the cybersecurity sphere, in particular.

Visit company’s profile page.

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