aQuantum Launches QuantumPath on Amazon Braket

QuantumPath® helps customers accelerate quantum algorithm development and execute them agnostically through Amazon Braket.

PRESS RELEASE — MADRID, SPAIN — aQuantum— APRIL 18, 2022 — aQuantum, a provider of quantum software engineering and development, is launching its cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) platform QuantumPath® on AWS, helping customers simplify the development of quantum algorithms in hybrid classical/quantum software systems. QuantumPath® offers graphical tools to develop and test algorithms services to integrate solutions with classical software, providing access to quantum computers and third-party solutions and development life cycle management that helps apply software engineering best practices.

Quantum computing is a nascent technology that has the potential to disrupt the market across industry verticals. Researchers are increasingly focused on specific applications that use traditional and quantum computers working in tandem. The healthcare industry is one of many where aQuantum is developing its efforts — through a classical/quantum hybrid system that can solve optimization problems for clinical simulations. aQuantum are optimistic that by pairing classical health applications with quantum algorithms, medical professionals will be able to assess personalized patient results and provide better diagnoses at the time of consultation. These hybrid solutions are essential for customers who want to be at the forefront of innovation, building proof of concept models and developing intellectual property, becoming “quantum-ready” when large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum devices are available.

QuantumPath® provides the needed tools to manage the full life cycle of quantum software development at scale: from creation of the quantum algorithm, integration with classical software, testing, to deployment in the cloud. Customers work through a high-level stack layer, made of hardware-agnostic gates and an optimization definition language, to gain access to quantum devices and simulators via Amazon Braket. With QuantumPath®, the typical quantum algorithm development and integration time is reduced by approximately 70% for gate-based devices and 85% for annealing devices, respectively. AWS’s highly secure and reliable cloud computing environment, will help QuantumPath® implement best practices in security, reliability, and operations to support customers in their quantum software engineering and programming.

Robert Wezeman, a Quantum Algorithms Researcher from TNO, an independent research organization in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science, said, “QuantumPath® is an innovative and unique platform that offers users quick and seamless access to quantum computers. Its graphical user interface allows users to quickly run their quantum algorithms, both on gate-based and annealing-based quantum backends, without the need to learn different software development kits. QuantumPath® truly lowers the entry bar required to embrace the upcoming quantum technology. As an active QuantumPath® customer, TNO is looking forward to the new features that are continuously being added to the platform, allowing soon-advanced hybrid quantum computing routines to be performed.”

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aQuantum Founder & Chief Operating Officer Guido Peterssen said, “AWS is a natural choice when we develop QuantumPath® on the cloud. Its 200+ services forge a trusted platform with management controls for both quantum and classical workloads, in addition to reliability, resilience, security, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. The outcome is great: QuantumPath® integrates with 6 AWS services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon Braket, and provides customers a simplified process and enhanced user experience when dealing with quantum algorithm development within a hybrid environment.”

Richard Moulds, the General Manager of Amazon Braket said, “Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing. It provides customers with a single access point to different quantum hardware choices, allowing them to experiment and innovate with multiple quantum processing units through the same interface. By working with aQuantum on the use of AWS’s services, including Amazon Braket, to make QuantumPath available to aQuantum’s customers, AWS is enabling the development and deployment of quantum solutions on AWS.”

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