Canadian IP Firm Opens Quantum Technologies Practice

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
Bereskin & Parr said that the growth in the quantum industry requires careful attention to IP and will open a quantum tech practice. (Image: Unsplash/Scott Graham)

A Canadian intellectual property (IP) firm is launching a new quantum technologies practice, according to

Bereskin & Parr said that the growth in the quantum industry requires careful attention to IP.

“Computing is the most frequently talked about [quantum technology] because the idea of developing a quantum computer to perform all sorts of competing tasks at a much faster rate is really common,” said Cameron Gale, the Toronto-based partner co-leading the new practice group with Louis-Pierre Gravelle in Montreal, in

The new group will provide legal, patent and trademark services to companies developing or improving quantum computers, quantum sensors and other quantum technologies.

The firm already has existing clients in the space and will “pool together” that expertise and experience to offer clients the optimal professionals for their needs.

“Governments and businesses are putting a lot more focus on quantum technology, both in terms of [research and development] and in terms of investment,” he told the site.

Gale said the firm expects rapid growth in the quantum field.

Currently, Bereskin & Parr is working with quantum computer designers and developers, as well as firms creating applications for quantum computers.

“I’ve been working recently with a company that is involved in the development of satellite constellations and implementing quantum encryption technology into satellite communication,” he said.

Bereskin added that many quantum tech companies aren’t protecting their new IP assets. He wants them to “get companies to think about IP at the early stage,” which can help them both solidify their positions in the future and provide protections against larger or more predatory companies in the space.

The practice group has 17 members of in the firm’s offices in technology hubs in the Toronto area, Montreal, and Waterloo. Most of of these members have earned advanced degrees in electrical and computing engineering or physics. More lawyers are expected to join the firm.

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

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