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7 Top Mathematicians in The Quantum Computing Industry

Ignorance, Not Scorn

Mathematicians — what’s your opinion of them? Many outside the field have very little idea what they do in a professional capacity and a lot of the time don’t want to know. This is not out of scorn, but rather ignorance. Maths — be truthful, readers — scares many people. It’s hard, especially when you go past the basics of arithmetic.

Yet, mathematics makes the world go round, as funny as it seems. This is also the case in quantum computing (QC). Although it’s a vast area in terms of research, mathematicians are a valuable asset to any startup or company in the space as they can contribute to new discoveries or advances in quantum algorithms, quantum cryptography and communications.

So, what level of qualification do I need in order to find a meaningful position with a company in the industry? Well, a Ph.D. in a STEM subject will always be the most desired. If, however, you haven’t got one of those but have a Master’s in Mathematics the world can still be your oyster.

I’ll now go through seven brainy individuals who are making a difference to their respective companies in the QC industry.

1. Witold Jarnicki: Chief Mathematics Officer & Co-Founder, BEIT


To kick off this week’s article on mathematicians working in the quantum computing industry we start with Witold Jarnicki, Chief Mathematics Officer and Co-Founder of BEIT, a Polish quantum startup based in Krakow solving hard problems on NISQ and on future quantum computers for real customers (and one of five on the entire list!).

An expert in complex analysis, algebraic geometry, computer algebra and algorithmic complexity, prior to BEIT he was employed as a Software Engineer at Corvil, where he worked on the low-level performance of the core system, contributing towards user-customizable big-data analysis framework based on open-source components and the solution allowing monitoring network traffic in cloud deployments.

Between 2007–2014 Jarnicki worked at the same position at Google R&D Kraków within the Infrastructure area, responsible for analysis and optimization of cluster resource utilization, Omega cluster OS, ML-based ads optimization. Before Google, he was an assistant professor at the Jagiellonian University.

Jarnicki obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Jagiellonian University, Krakow.

2. Kasia Kowalska: Mathematician, Crypta Labs


Katarzyna Kowalska is a Mathematician at Crypta Labs, a London-based, award-winning quantum security company that has developed quantum-based encryption solutions to secure Aerospace Defence and Critical Infrastructure. With industry and research experience, prior to joining Crypta Labs Kowalska held the position of Data Analyst and AI specialist of one of the leaders in automation worldwide.

She obtained her Master of Mathematics degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. In her thesis, she carried out theoretical research in the field of Quantum Computing (as a visitor in the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre).

3. Marcin Briański: Mathematician, BEIT


BEIT’s second representative on the list, Marcin Briański joined BEIT in the summer of 2018, initially just for the summer internship, but decided to continue working with the company. He is currently studying Theoretical Computer Science and Theoretical Mathematics at Jagiellonian University.

Briański’s tasks at BEIT range from implementing our algorithms or proving they can’t work (any better). His interests focus on Combinatorics, in particular Structural Graph Theory and Computability Theory.

4. Ruediger Schack: Advisor, Crypto Quantique


A Professor and Head of Mathematics at the Royal Holloway University of London, Ruediger’s Ruediger Schack is also an Advisor at Crypto Quantique, another London-based quantum startup focused on cybersecurity.

Obtaining his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Munich, Schack’s research interests include quantum information theory, quantum cryptography and quantum Bayesianism.

5. Jan Gwinner: Mathematician, BEIT


Jan Gwinner is another Mathematician at BEIT. Gwinner joined the team at the beginning of 2019 while doing his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

His main focus lies in combining mathematical knowledge with quantum algorithms. Gwinner previously had an internship in Mountain View at Google.

6. Jacek Kurek: Mathematician, BEIT


Yes, you guessed it, Jacek Kurek is a Mathematician at BEIT. Joining the team after acquiring experience at Samsung R&D Cracow, Kurek is a student at Jagiellonian University, doing both Maths and Computer Science courses.

He is a passionate Python and C++ developer, interested in data visualization and analysis.

7. Bruno Pitrus: Mathematician, BEIT


BEIT’S last mathematical genius representative is Bruno Pitrus who has C++ programming experience, having previously interned at Techmo working on a natural language grammar parser.

Pitrus studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Jagiellonian University. His interests range from category theory and algebraic topology to computational complexity, and he believes that abstract algebra is the best approach for solving mathematical problems.

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