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6 Top Data Scientists in The Quantum Computing Industry

Quantum Insider top data scientists in Quantum

Quantum Data Scientist

In the previous post, we highlighted quantum algorithms specialists working in the industry. Today, we’re giving centre stage to six experts in quantum data science.

Not all that old as far as job titles go, it’s guaranteed that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Quantum Data Scientists as the years go by and quantum as an industry becomes bigger. A Quantum Data Scientist, in essence, works in collaboration with a said company’s scientific team to discern, develop and build new algorithmic and QML approaches to dilemmas of applied interest and implement them in client projects.

Usually requiring a Ph.D./Masters in a STEM-related field with knowledge in quantum computing also a prerequisite, a few years of data engineering and data science experience will also stand you in good stead.

*All data correct as of early January 2022

1. Negar Iravani: Data Scientist, 1QBit

Negar Iravani is the first person on a list and is a Data Scientist at Canadian quantum startup 1QBit. An avid data scientist who is passionate about combining the insight of data and the power of machine learning (ML) in order to solve real-world industry problems, Iravani completed her Master’s in Electrical Engineering at the University of Tehran, where she focused on design and control of intelligent agents and their applications to smart grid and building energy management systems.

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She has always been interested in designing, building, and deploying ML solutions to derive intelligence from data and use it to empirically solve real-world problems.

2. Evan Lai: Data Scientist, CogniFrame

A Data Scientist at CogniFrame, a Canadian startup whose solutions use Classical ML and Quantum Optimization, Evan Lai holds a Master of Science degree in Finance with extensive experience in quantitative research, data analysis, financial derivatives, and developing ML algorithms.

At CogniFrame, Lai researches and develops more than ten quantum computing applications with at least two in-house inventions, overperforming State-of-the-Art (SotA) classical common practice and delivering more than 33x speedup over classical simulated annealing benchmark, re-formulates the problem of interest into quantum-compatible models, implements and tunes quantum applications on both circuit-based quantum computers and quantum annealers to reduce scalability requirements, noise/error rate, and improves the quality of solutions, as well as preparing technical documents and write-ups for both internal and external sales and marking communication, including a various technical overview of quantum applications published, and participates in the company’s business meetings as a technical representative with potential clients is responsible for blending our quantum technology with his quantitative finance experience.

3. Henri Suominen, Data Scientist at Microsoft Quantum Materials Lab

Henri Suominen is a Data Scientist at Microsoft Quantum Materials Lab. Prior to this, Suominen was the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Innofounder Graduate, where he developed amie, a graph-based notebook for data scientists and researchers allowing for seamless workflow capture and rapid analytics across experiments.

Suominen obtained a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics from the University of Copenhagen.

4. Michelle Chavy: Data Scientist, CogniFrame

Another Data Scientist at CogniFrame, Michelle Chavy is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Master of Statistical Science. She is passionate about solving problems at the intersection of statistics, economics and mathematics and has been actively involved with CogniFrame’s quantum solutions.

5. Christopher Mirabzadeh: Data Engineer, Advisor, ODE, L3C

Christopher Mirabzadeh is a Data Engineer and Advisor at ODE, L3CI, a US-based quantum startup whose aim is to change the world by solving non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness chemistry problems with quantum algorithms running on any suitable computing platform including classic, hybrid classic-quantum, digital or analog hardware.

Mirabzadeh has an eclectic background that gives him a unique perspective. His primary focus is physics, where his research has been in the computational modelling of protein-protein interactions. With a passion for computers and programming, he has technical adeptness and takes great delight in solving problems and overcoming limits.

Along with this, Mirabzadeh possesses an enthusiasm for education that has led him to volunteer as an instructor, mentor and work with professors in outreach endeavours to spread the joy of physics.

Mirabzadeh obtained a Ph.D. in Computational Biophysics from the University of Idaho.

6. Alain Porto: Data Scientist, Quantum Mads

An experienced junior researcher and Project Manager skilled in Python, Matlab, and C#, Alain Porto is a Data Scientist at Quantum Mads, a Spanish startup that provides a hybrid QSaaS tool that enables its clients to address the most challenging industrial problems.

Experienced in short-term gas and electrical forecasting modelling, Porto has worked with EDP Spain using ML techniques and parametric models, such as ANNs(Artificial Neural Networks).

Porto received an MA in Electronics Engineering focused on general-purpose electronics systems as well as an MA in Control, Automation and Robotics Engineering from the Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain.

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