Strangeworks, Quantinuum Work Together on Quantum-Enhanced Cryptographic Key Service


Strangeworks, Quantinuum Work Together on Quantum-Enhanced Cryptographic Key Service

Strangeworks Quantinuum
Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin to provide advanced cryptographic capabilities to the Strangeworks ecosystem.

PRESS RELEASE – Strangeworks, a global leader in quantum computing software, today announced its latest joint-collaboration with Quantinuum, the largest integrated, stand-alone quantum computing company in the world, with vertically integrated solutions including the highest-performing quantum computer and comprehensive, hardware-agnostic quantum software. This collaboration will implement Quantinuum’s quantum-enhanced cryptographic keys, Quantum Origin, into the Strangeworks ecosystem.

Quantum Origin is the world’s first commercial product to generate cryptographic keys using quantum computers, and will become an important component of the ecosystem, providing its users seamless access to superior cryptographic keys and helping to protect against current security threats.

“It’s fitting that Strangeworks would expand its industry leading platform to include quantum technology to help defend against today’s cyber threats,” said Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum and Cambridge Quantum. “We are excited to integrate Quantum Origin to generate the strongest cryptographic keys for Strangeworks and their customers, based on verifiable quantum randomness.”

As the world’s leading Quantum Service Provider™, Strangeworks is continuously looking at providing their customers and their Quantum Syndicate members the latest quantum-based security offerings, connected through the Strangeworks ecosystem. Due to the variety of quantum systems available and the data sharing of its users, it’s important to enable the latest in cybersecurity technology. By implementing Quantum Origin, Strangeworks will be the first to implement a seamless path to quantum-generated cryptographic keys for its quantum computing ecosystem, and expects to expand the relationship between both parties, enabling rapid adoption and insights on how the technology is performing through its productive, yet anonymous, feedback loop.

“We’re excited to welcome Quantinuum into the Quantum Syndicate. Expanding our managed quantum services to encompass cyber security is a natural addition to our enterprise offerings,” said William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “The integration of Quantum Origin enables enterprises around the world with a seamless path to quantum-generated cryptographic keys to protect their sensitive data.”

About Strangeworks
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Strangeworks is a group of experienced serial entrepreneurs, enterprise software developers, and quantum physicists who seek to humanize quantum computing and make it accessible to everyone. By guiding companies through the confusion of quantum computing, Strangeworks helps accelerate the integration of this new technology in corporations, universities, and enterprises.

To learn more about how Strangeworks can accelerate your quantum journey visit or start learning for free on Strangeworks QC™, available at

About Quantinuum
With 400 employees in four countries, Quantinuum ( is the largest, stand-alone integrated quantum computing in the world. Quantinuum was established in 2021 through the combination of Cambridge Quantum and Honeywell Quantum Solutions, well-known leaders in the quantum computing industry. Quantinuum aims to accelerate the development of quantum computing and innovation of quantum technologies to deliver real-world solutions for problems that classical computers have not been able to solve. For more news and information on Quantinuum, please visit

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Matt Swayne

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