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Company Uses Quantum-Inspired Algorithms to Create Potential Vaccine Distribution Platform

Covid vaccine plan
Covid vaccine plan vaccine certificate – vaccine distribution platform.

Entanglement Inc., an early-stage deep technology company, has created a state-of-the-art vaccine distribution platform using quantum-inspired computing technology and advanced data models to deliver unprecedented capabilities. This optimization solution gives federal, state and local leaders the ability to simulate and run scenarios to develop and implement effective and equitable vaccination distribution plans in rapidly changing circumstances, according to a company statement.

This will empower the planners and operators of the COVID-19 response efforts to accelerate vaccinations to U.S. residents.

The company’s platform addresses three common problems associated with the current vaccine management and distribution landscape: poor quality of data, lack of flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, and an inability to optimize and re-optimize plans in real-time.

The U.S. Department of Defense recently validated a similar platform that Entanglement and Fujitsu developed to optimize the equitable distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all U.S. counties. That platform outperformed a comparative Evolutionary Algorithm by over 90%. Entanglement and Fujitsu then applied these breakthrough capabilities to develop a vaccine distribution and administration model.

“Our ability to navigate through trillions of data points in seconds and derive the ideal solution based on weighted priorities is a critical asset in deciding and acting,” said Paul Puckett, Director of Enterprise Cloud Management in the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the Department of the Army.

The U.S. has struggled with vaccine distribution as the virus continues on a deadly trajectory, but legacy systems, often used by state and local governments, do not have the computing power to address an optimization problem of this magnitude. Even newly unveiled systems of record and logistics platforms are limited in their computational capability to tackle immense and time-sensitive challenges, such as the national response to this pandemic.

Entanglement has reduced the barrier to entry for this advanced computing, by providing equitable access to the technology for small states as well as larger states in the fight against Covid-19. Such equitable access to new technology also applies to NGO’s and non-profits that are willing to work with their local or county governments to provide a technology that is currently not in use. This technology could increase the transparency and efficiency of vaccine distribution in underserved communities that are receiving vaccination response services.

“It is rare to have such an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to something that has immediate global impact,” said Jason Turner, Chairman of Entanglement, Inc. “This breakthrough in complex optimization capability revolutionizes the way leaders develop plans to respond to threats like COVID-19. Never before have such complex scenarios been modeled at scale, and so quickly. I see our team providing the much-needed answer for helping leaders make better-informed decisions that will save lives and help us win the fight against the virus. The Fujitsu Digital Annealer technology represents an important bridge to quantum computing, one that operationalizes real-world applications today.  With this important technology, we have created a path to delivering a scalable, equitable, iterative and transparent solution to the vaccine distribution and administration problem.”

“To care for people, you must understand their individual needs and meet those needs regardless of the environment. To care for the people in the United States you must do this for 330 million people,” said Jose Arrieta, former Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, and an advisor to Entanglement. “Entanglement empowers leaders to understand individual needs and meet those needs in real time for an entire population. This platform is an unmatched solution for an unprecedented time.”

As demonstrated, quantum-inspired digital annealing systems are capable of computing more variables simultaneously in real time than other systems. By focusing this immense computing capability on the problem of vaccine distribution and administration, Entanglement and Fujitsu have created a platform that is unparalleled in speed, accuracy, scalability and resolution, while removing bias.

Prior to Entanglement’s vaccine model, complex logistics and vaccine delivery models required hours, days or longer to run; now they can be performed in seconds or minutes. Conventional computing systems simply were not built to compute so many variables. This is a game-changer for federal, state and local governments as an end-to-end solution for logistics modeling, simulations and execution that integrates data from almost any source, including legacy systems. One of its most critical attributes is its ability to re-optimize quickly as conditions on the ground change; parameter inputs can be amended, and scenario plans can be revised almost instantaneously.

The vaccine distribution platform is an example of how Entanglement’s access to other forms of advanced computing in purpose-built laboratories, along with the Ei White-Glove Services, experienced team, advanced research, and existing intellectual property, creates a new dynamic for the coming Advanced Computing Revolution.

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