The Quantum Insider CEO Briefs techUK Attendees on Potential For Billion Dollar Quantum Cloud


The Quantum Insider briefed attendees on the commercialization of the quantum cloud in a recent techUK webinar during Cloud Future week.

The Quantum Computers as a Service — or QCaaS — could quickly ramp up to a billion dollar business, Alex Challans, The Quantum Insider CEO told the group.

“What we’re seeing is a market that could be worth four billion dollars by 2025 and 26 billion dollars by 2030,” Challans said.

TQI released a report on the QCaaS recently.

Challans joined other panelists Per Nyberg, Vice President, Strategic Markets and Alliance, Quantum Machines; Allison Schwartz, Global Government Relations, D-Wave Systems; Deepth Dinesan, Director, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Quantum Computing, NetApp and Laura Foster, Programme Manager, Tech & Innovation, techUK.

According to the organizers of the event, as  first quantum technologies are commercialized in the coming years, the cloud could offer a way to improve access to quantum devices.  The purpose of this event is to help clarify the relationship between these two technologies and showcase some of the brilliant people who were really helping drive innovation in the intersection of the two.

You can read more about TQI’s quantum cloud report here. For the full report, please send an email to: