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Quantum China Weekly Volume 21 (2021/08/28-2021/09/03)

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology. It mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.


Tencent Announces Latest Research Progress in Quantum Computer Architecture, Exploring Highly Parallel Architectures

A novel quantum control microarchitecture, QuAPE, has been proposed by a team at Tencent’s Quantum Laboratory. Experiments show that a 2.59-fold speedup (up to 3.11-fold theoretically) was achieved in a test of a complex algorithm with large amounts of feedback through a multicore architecture; an average 4.04-fold performance improvement was achieved in a test of several other common quantum algorithms through a superscalar architecture. The new highly parallel control method provides an important foundation for building a control layer suitable for large-scale quantum computers.

ZTE and CAS Quantum Net jointly build quantum security applications

At the 2021 China Smart City Expo, ZTE and CAS Quantum Net have partnered to build quantum security applications to build an ICT infrastructure industry that incorporates QKD technology. The project has reportedly landed in Chongqing and has built a quantum security-based cloud computing platform for the local government to unify and securely supervise the data of business systems on the cloud and provide security protection for the data.

QuantumCTek and State Grid Corporation of China on “5G+Quantum” Project

QuantumCTek cooperated with State Grid Corporation Zhejiang Jinhua Power Supply Company to build a real application test environment for distribution network by means of fusion of quantum confidential communication technology and existing 5G network security protection technology, and successfully deployed the “5G+Quantum” security service platform to realize remote control of the test ring network cabinet, providing technical support for the widespread application of quantum confidential communication and 5G technology fusion solution in the distribution network to provide technical support.

China’s first quantum computing industrial park begins construction

Origin Quantum and Hefei Lanke Investment Co., Ltd. signed a contract to jointly build the first quantum computing industrial park in Hefei, which also marks the official start of the establishment of the first quantum computing industrial park in China. The industrial park will create an ecological industrial chain of quantum computing. After the park is completed and in use, it is expected to introduce 60 upstream and downstream enterprises of quantum computing. It is expected to solve 2,000 jobs in technology research and development, marketing and sales, administrative logistics, etc.

Yung Shan Middle School establishes a quantum computer science room

On September 1, the first quantum computer science room in Shunde campus of Rongshan Middle School was officially inaugurated, which is also the first campus quantum computing science base in China, providing a practical platform for students to promote quantum computing science and programming design.



East China Normal University makes important progress in superradiant quantum phase transition

East China Normal University has made important progress in “Observation of Superradiation Quantum Phase Transition of Ultra-cold Degenerate Fermi Gas in Optical Cavity”. It is the first time to reveal the role of quantum statistics in superradiative quantum phase transitions. found that the Pauli repulsion changes the scaling rate of the critical pumping intensity with the atomic number.which provides a way to study the non-equilibrium dynamics of Fermi states with long-range interactions. The ideal platform. The research has been published in Science  as “First Release”.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University makes important progress in quantum key distribution

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has made important progress on the carrier synchronization scheme for the Continuous Variable Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution (CV-MDI-QKD) system, solving the three-way phase reference system mismatch problem and laying the foundation for the implementation of CV-MDI-QKD in a practical environment. The related research has been published in Physical Review A.


Shandong University makes important progress in the unified theory of evolutionary rate limit of quantum systems

Shandong University has made important progress in the research work of the unified theory of quantum system evolution rate limit. Research has established and developed a unified theory of quantum system dynamics evolution rate limit. The developed unified theory of quantum rate limit is applicable to both Hermitian quantum systems and non-Hermitian quantum systems. Related research has been published in PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS.


USTC makes important progress in superconducting quantum bit readout fidelity

USTC and Origin quantum propose to use shallow neural networks to identify and read the state information of quantum bits, thus significantly suppressing the effects of crosstalk and further improving the multi-bit read fidelity. This scheme is not only applicable to superconducting quantum computing, but also to other physical implementations of quantum computing. The research has been published in Physical Review Applied.




Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology released the announcement of the introduction of talents in 2021

Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology released the announcement of the introduction of talents in 2021, including quantum device direction researcher positions, quantum communication direction researcher positions, device development engineers and software engineers and many other positions recruitment.

Beijing Quantum Institute Recruiting Quantum Software Engineer

The Quantum Engineering Research Department of the Beijing Quantum Institute is looking for a software engineer to assist members of the superconducting quantum computing research team in developing measurement and control procedures for the rapid calibration and alignment of large-scale quantum chips. Academic qualifications required are Master or above.

QuantumCTek Announces 2022 Campus Recruitment

QuantumCTek released a 2022 campus recruitment, recruitment positions include hardware engineers, software engineers, optical engineers, etc.



The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

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Jake Vikoren

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