Quantum China Weekly Volume 19 (2021/08/14-2021/08/20)

Quantum China Weekly
Quantum China Weekly
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Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology. It mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.



SpinQ’s “Gemini” quantum computer exported to Australia

On August 19, SpinQ announced that the company’s “Gemini” desktop NMR quantum computer was successfully shipped from Shenzhen to the Australian city of Perth. The exported quantum computing products will be delivered to the University of Western Australia for use by its research and teaching staff in the coming weeks.

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SCUT issues tender to procure quantum computing R&D related equipment

On August 20, South China University of Technology(SCUT)issued a tender for the purchase of equipment for single-photon magnetic molecular quantum state manipulation readout system to procure research instruments and equipment related to quantum computing R&D. The equipment includes low-temperature vacuum strong magnetic field measurement system; low-temperature spin state initialization, control and readout system; multifunctional low-temperature steady-state transient fluorescence spectrometer.

Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology releases tender information for purchase of superconducting devices

On August 20, the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology issued a public tender announcement for a superconducting device project, purchasing equipment including a laser direct writing instrument, direct writing lithography system and a superconducting film evaporation coater and several other devices to conduct scientific research related to quantum technology.

China Telecom listed on the SSE, raising funds to focus on quantum communication research

On August 20, China Telecom was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with an issue price of RMB 4.53 per share and stock code “601728”. If the full exercise of the A-share issue over-allotment option, China Telecom’s issue of net proceeds of 53.727 billion yuan. The prospectus shows that it will “closely track the progress of quantum information research and explore the application of quantum information in combination with existing communication systems”.

Origin Quantum donates a quantum computing learning machine to Xi’an

Origin Quantum has donated a quantum computing learning machine to a corporate community in Xi’an. The learning machine is currently on display in the community for visitors to see and experience.



USTC makes progress in quantum artificial intelligence

Recently, Jiangfeng Du’s team at USTC, in conjunction with Seth Lloyd at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has made recent progress in the field of quantum artificial intelligence algorithms. The researchers have developed a resonance analysis algorithm, and this work demonstrates the ability of quantum algorithms to accelerate data dimensionality reduction, which could be used as part of quantum AI algorithms in the future. The research has been published in the journal Science Advances.


Southeast University makes new breakthroughs in research on panchromatic boron nitride quantum dots and their flexible displays

Recently, Southeast University and co-workers have pioneered the realization of thermally stable panchromatic boron nitride quantum dots and their flexible display applications. The research clarifies the luminescence mechanism of boron nitride quantum dots, explores their application potential for flexible displays, and provides a material and device basis for flexible wearable sensory fusion electronic information technology. The related research results have been published in ACS Nano.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology makes new progress on optical filters

Recently, the Wuhan National Research Center for Optoelectronics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the University of Science and Technology of Denmark conducted research to propose and experimentally demonstrate for the first time an optical filter based on a high-order coupled nano-beam cavity. The filter has the potential to be used for single-photon source filtering applications in integrated optical quantum platforms. The related research results have been published in Optics Letters.




XT Quantech Announces Job Openings

XT Quantech released job information, which includes hardware engineer, quantum communication engineer, FPGA engineer, optical engineer, embedded software engineer, silicon optical chip designer and many other positions.

Baidu 2022 Campus Recruitment Quantum Researcher

On August 12, Baidu announced the official launch of the 2022 campus recruitment. The campus recruitment is open to 2022 graduates at home and abroad, and plans to issue more than 8,000 offers, including quantum researcher positions, the number of recruiters is 5, the deadline for online applications: October 15.

Online application address:https://talent.baidu.com/external/baidu/campus.html

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