Recap: Quantum Technologies Careers Fair

At QURECA, we know how challenging it is for companies to find talented professionals in the quantum technologies industry. We also know how hard it can be to find the position that is right for any specific individual.

We wanted to create a platform for leading employers and talented quantum professionals and students to come together and connect with one another. An insightful and useful event where all attendees would gain real value from participating. Last year, we organised our first edition where together with the Institute of Physics, and more than 400 people attended the first Quantum Technologies Careers event focussed on quantum companies in the UK.

This year we teamed up with The Quantum Daily to host the Quantum Technologies Careers Fair at a global level.

Throughout the event, held on the 24th of June, 9 companies hosted sessions to give participants an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of their businesses. The speakers gave solid career advice to hopeful talent, discussed their company culture, as well as laid out the plans that their businesses have for the future.

The companies also hosted booths within the event, to give participants a chance to meet with members of their team, to give a more tailored advice to each participant they spoke with.

On the day, over 950 participants attended the careers fair, going to one on one networking sessions, connecting with companies directly, and watching the insightful sessions held by companies.

All the participants really took the opportunity to make the most of the platform we had created. We are extremely happy from the feedback we have received, and just how much people enjoyed the event.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and talented individuals who participated in the event. We hope that everyone who attended came away from the event feeling inspired to continue pursuing a career in the quantum technologies industry or having identified talent that would be a great fit for the company. We hope to host more Careers Fairs such as this one in the near future, and we hope to see you there!

Some of the sessions from the Careers Fair were recorded and can be found on the QURECA YouTube channel. This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed the event to find out more about the participating companies.

To learn more about the event and all our fantastic sponsors, have a look at our event booklet.

Araceli Venegas-Gomez

Araceli Venegas-Gomez

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez is the Founder and CEO of QURECA Ltd. (Quantum Resources & Careers), a company offering professional services, business development, and the first online platform for training and recruitment. She spent several years working in industry as an aerospace engineer before falling in love with quantum mechanics. She then decided to follow her passion for physics, and pursued a PhD in the field of quantum simulation at the University of Strathclyde. Following her work on outreach advocating quantum technologies, she was named the “quantum ambassador”, after winning the Optical Society Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting fellowship in 2019. She is also an executive fellow at the University of Bristol Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre in 2020.

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