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Quantum China Weekly – Volume 10 (2021/06/12-2021/06/18)

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China Weekly

“Quantum China” is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology sector, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology field.

“Quantum China” mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Releases Quantum Random Number Related Standards
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has officially released and implemented the first domestic quantum random number related industry standard “Key Devices and Modules for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Based on BB84 Protocol Part 3: Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)”, which applies to quantum random number generators. This standard is led by QuantumCTek, with the participation of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, Huawei and other institutions.

CIQTEK and Qasky Selected for 2021 Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Program
On June 15, the Ministry of Education’s Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Program Expert Group released the “Notice on the Announcement of the List of Adopted Enterprises for the Ministry of Education’s Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Program Declaration Guide (May 2021)”. The list includes CIQTEK and Qasky.

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Minsheng Bank Joins the Origin Quantum Financial Industry Alliance
On June 18, China Minsheng Bank joined the Origin Quantum Financial Industry Alliance to jointly promote the application development of quantum computing in financial scenarios with Origin Quantum. Origin Quantum and China Minsheng Bank successfully signed a contract with an amount of 500 million RMB.


CSU scholars make important progress in the field of optical quantum chips
Academician Guangcan Guo’s team at the Chinese University of Science and Technology has made important progress in the research of optical quantum chips. The team’s research group of Ren Xifeng, in collaboration with the research groups of Dong Jianwen of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) and Dai Daozin of Zhejiang University (ZJU), has realized quantum interference in the energy valley correlated topological insulator chip structure based on the photonic energy valley Hall effect.

CSU scholars observe memory effects in the multi-step evolution of open quantum systems
An important progress in the experimental study of open quantum systems has been made by the team of academician Guangcan Guo at CSU. In collaboration with theoretical physicists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the team, including Chuanfeng Li and Biheng Liu, has experimentally observed the non-Markovian nature of multi-step evolution of open quantum systems and demonstrated the operational dependence of quantum memory effects.

SUSTech scholars make research progress in the direction of magnetic axion insulator
The group of Qihang Liu, associate professor of the Department of Physics and Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering at SUSTech, has made progress in the field of magnetic topological materials. Theory shows that magnetic topological materials (such as axion insulators) with half-integer quantized quantum anomalous Hall conductance at the surface have high promise in the design of low-dissipation electronic devices and quantum computing devices.


National University of Defense Technology 2021 Graduate Summer School Admissions
The Graduate School of the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) has issued an enrollment announcement for holding nine graduate summer schools. For the relevant personnel to enroll, for the development and construction of China’s relevant discipline areas. Among them, including “Quantum Information Technology Fundamentals and Frontiers”, the summer school for the national enrollment of 80 people, the deadline for registration June 23, the official check-in time of July 4, the summer school activities from July 5 to 16.


Du Jiangfeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered the 20th Anaconda Lecture
Du Jiangfeng, academician of CAS, delivered a lecture entitled “Quantum Sensing and Precision Measurement Instruments” at the 20th Python Lecture at China University of Petroleum. During the lecture, Academician Du Jiangfeng gave a lecture on the history of quantum mechanics, the current research direction of quantum science and technology, and the scientific research direction of CAS Key Laboratory of Microscopic Magnetic Resonance.

Professor Duan Luming from Tsinghua University was invited to give a lecture at the School of Physics Academic Forum
The fourth lecture of Spring Semester 2021 at the School of Physics, Peking University, invited Prof. Duan Luming, Yao Qizhi Chair Professor of Basic Sciences, Tsinghua University, to give a lecture entitled “Quantum Computers – Status and Prospects”. The forum was hosted by Associate Professor Sun Dong of the School of Physics.

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