TQD’s Second Quarter Report Shows Surge of Funding for Quantum Companies

2021 Q2 Report
Q2 2021 report indicates growing interest in quantum technologies from investors, governments.

The second quarter for 2021 shows that quantum technologies continue to be an area of intense — and growing — interest for both commercial and governmental funding, according to The Quantum Daily and The Quantum Insider.

Data show that about $600 million (US) in new private capital flowed into quantum startups during the quarter. That figure is more than doubled to $1.3 billion (US) in total private capital, including special acquisition company (SPAC) funding, year-to-date. Information from TQI highlights some of the bigger funding efforts, including $400 million SPAC for UK-based Arqit, which implies a $1.4 billion market cap, and Xanadu, a photonic quantum computing company, announced it raised $100 million (US) in Series B financing.

While no game-changing quantum researchers breakthroughs were announced during the quarter, scientists from both public and commercial institutions report making dramatic headway in using quantum technologies for practical purposes. These research teams are demonstrating successful use cases and pinpointing areas of future research into use cases in a variety of industries and fields, including finance and sustainable energy.

You can review the Q2 report and previous reports for free here.

Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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