“Quantum for everyone” – The Online Course to Learn a Practical Approach to Quantum Technologies for You and Your Business


“Quantum for everyone” – The Online Course to Learn a Practical Approach to Quantum Technologies for You and Your Business

Quantum technologies are not only for physicists. “Quantum for Everyone”, a new online course designed by QURECA‘s experts for non-specialists, will help you understand quantum technologies and spot opportunities to apply quantum technologies to problems in your own organisation. If you are a non-technical business professional, “Quantum for Everyone” will teach you how to build a sustainable quantum strategy. If you are a quantum software developer or a quantum engineer, this is the course to ask your manager, VP or CEO to take if you want them to understand what you can – and cannot! – do.

An online course for non-technical business professionals – Why?

A second quantum revolution with far reaching applications is opening the doors to a new wave of disruptive technologies that fully exploit the weirdness of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers are expected to solve certain domain specific problems substantially faster than classical computers.

QURECA are convinced that having a PhD in physics or computer science is not mandatory to gain knowledge in this domain and apprehend these technologies. Therefore, they have built “Quantum for everyone”, a course that will teach you how to navigate the rise of quantum technologies and its applications across industries.

Quantum for everyone online course


About the course content

In the first lesson, they start by cutting through the hype and giving you a realistic overview of what quantum computing really is. Is quantum computing as a service already a reality? What makes quantum processing units so powerful? What is state of the art hardware and software solutions? Is there a sustainable roadmap for this technology?

The second lesson focuses on potential applications of quantum computing across industries. This lesson reviews how Quantum computing will impact sectors such as chemistry, pharma, finance, energy, automotive, and materials science.

Later in this course, they introduce quantum-resistant algorithms and quantum cryptography, two fundamentally different ways of securing cyber-physical systems against future quantum computers. You will also learn about how to perform a quantum-risk assessment to evaluate the threat in your business and to make your company “quantum-resistant”.

Finally, they present the emergence of the worldwide quantum ecosystem by providing an overview of multinational companies such as IBM and Google, new start-ups, consulting firms, and venture funds engaged in the development of quantum computing as well as different national initiatives around the globe. In addition, they cover the next steps you need to become a potential end user.

By the end of this four-lesson course, not only you will increase your understanding of quantum technologies, but they will equip you with the technical, business and management skills to perhaps use quantum technologies within your organisation.

 Accessing the course

The course is available through QURECA’s website: Quantum for Everyone with a special discount offer for students. Send the team at Qureca an email (team@qureca.com) to find out more.

We at TQD are delighted to offer our readers a 15% discount on the course – just type in TQD-QFE21 at check out.

Does this course include a certificate?

Yes! QURECA is accredited to deliver certificates by the CPD Certification Service, a guarantee for you to be globally certified.

Find out more

Discover more about the course here and find a sample video here.


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