Delft Circuits Announce Backing From HTGF, Scholt Group and QuVest

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Delft Circuits announce funding round for company expansion.

Delft Circuits announced that High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), Scholt Group and QuVest Capital have agreed to invest in the company, according to a statement.

They added that the deal brings in required funds for next steps in scaling and industrialization of our factory and team, which currently has a little over 20 full-time staff members.

“With HTGF, we partner with one of the most experienced and largest VC funds in Europe, well-rooted in the German industrial base. Scholt Group is a high-tech investment company in various sectors led by Jan Scholt, a highly successful entrepreneur based in Eindhoven high-tech area. QuVest Capital is an investment vehicle of a collection of very successful entrepreneurs and professionals from a broad range of sectors,” said Sal Bosman, founder of Delft Circuits.

According to the release, quantum technologies are transitioning from an academic to an industry-driven endeavour. Various corporates, governments, and large VC backed companies are heavily investing in building quantum-computing, -communication and -sensing devices. In order for the quantum industry to flourish, a mature supply chain of dedicated high-tech products is needed.

Since 2017, Delft Circuits designs and manufactures i/o (cabling) solutions for cryogenic environments to operate quantum systems. These environments have stringent space-, thermal-, and electronic requirements.  Cri/oFlex® technology carefully balances these requirements and therefore is an enabler for large scale quantum systems.

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“The cabling solutions provided by Delft Circuits can be considered as a critical enabler to bring quantum technologies to an industrial scale,” said Christian Ziach, senior investment manager at HTGF.

So far, Delft Circuits has delivered hundreds of Cri/oFlex® cabling solutions to over fifty customers worldwide. Our revolutionary cryogenic circuit technologies have found their way into quantum-computing, -internet, -sensing, astronomy, aerospace and biological applications. By serving customers in academia, startups, national labs, global tech corporations and governmental agencies, the company enables the next steps for the quantum industry and high-tech cryogenic systems.

“Together we have a solid basis to enable our customers to take the next steps in the booming quantum industry,” said Daan Kuitenbrouwer, founder of Delft Circuits.

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