Lancaster University Spinoff Aims to Solve Cost, Complexity, Power & Size Issues For Quantum Security

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“It’s not true that quantum computers break all cryptography. They break some cryptographic algorithms. But for every cryptographic algorithm that quantum computers can break, we know that we have a replacement […] that quantum computers cannot break. “We have an upgrade path and we know what the upgrade path is.”

The above quote, taken from a Forkast News interview with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin in 2019, shows he has full confidence in blockchain technology while totally dismissing the potential dangers posed by quantum computing (QC).

Don’t Dismiss

In spite of his hubris, there are still plenty of technology experts out there who believe the threat is a real one. For industry analysts and researchers are correct in having anxiety about the menace quantum technology’ could have for communications, for it’s only a matter of time before the internet — and with it, communications and e-commerce — becomes the target of a serious quantum attack.

Quantum Base (QB), a startup founded to address these problems, is well versed in the challenges ahead and is ready for them.

Quantum Base (QB)

A spinoff from Lancaster University founded in 2013 by Phil Speed and Rob Young, the pair have “invented, developed and patented a portfolio of unbreakable nanoscale quantum security devices that are simple, scalable, small and cheap.” QB has offices in Stockport and at InfoLab21, a research centre at Lancaster University focusing primarily on information and communication technologies.

Delivering Next Generation 100% Unbreakable Quantum Security

— Quantum Base

QB’s product range includes the novel atomic-scale fingerprint technology, Q-ID Optical, the Q-ID® Electronic, an electronic quantum EPUF device, as well as the Q-RAND, QB’s unique QRNG offering, giving the startup a competitive advantage in unbreakable nanoscale quantum security devices. Impressively, this is only the beginning, as the team has six further products with patents pending.

The CEO and co-founder of QB is Phil Speed. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, he has a proven track record of building and running large technology startups and companies.

Director of the Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre and CTO at QB, Professor Rob Young is a Royal Society Research Fellow and experimental physicist whose specialization is cybersecurity with quantum technologies. With a Ph.D. in experimental quantum information processing from the University of Cambridge (where he was part of the world-leading Semiconductor Physics Group), Young has written 70 publications, including papers and patents.

QB’s unbreakable security technology, backed by funding from The Royal Society (~£1M) and the US Air Force (~$1M) amongst others, is definitely disruptive. Add to that the low cost and the startup could very soon be on to a winner.

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