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First Sale Done & Dusted For Dutch Company QuiX


1 April 2021 — The Dutch-based quantum photonics startup QuiX has announced today that it has sold its first quantum photonic processor to Qontrol, a quantum technologies company from the UK.

Some of the most important components of photonic quantum computers are the processors inside them. And with that, it has been announced that Dutch startup QuiX has developed quantum photonic processors for quantum information processing and simulation. Using the proprietary TriPleX platform, the startup — with headquarters in Enschede, The Netherlands — manufactures novel quantum photonic processors that are “large-scale, fully reconfigurable” yet also “low loss and widely transparent” to all suitable quantum light sources.


QuiX demonstrated the world’s largest quantum photonic processor in a product launch late in 2020, which you can view here.

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Qontrol, a British company based in Bristol, builds control electronics and supporting infrastructure for complex, massively multi-channel photonic integrated circuits (PICs). These PICs are now finding uses from telecommunications to fundamental science, and Qontrol’s products can be found powering them, in research labs worldwide.

On the sale, Jelmer Renema, CTO of QuiX, said:

This is great news for QuiX. Qontrol is one of the leading quantum photonics technologies companies in Europe. This shows how QuiX can meet the most stringent technological requirements for quantum photonics.”

“We are thrilled and honoured to be the first to be able to kick the tires on QuiX’s awesome new line of photonic processors,” said Dr. Josh Silverstone, Qontrol’s CTO. “With this device in our Bristol labs, we will be able to better understand and serve our customer’s needs, and particularly those customers wanting to put QuiX’s technology to use. It will be a fantastic tool for us to demonstrate what our own products can do, too, with the device’s visible-light capability promising to make for fabulous live demos.”

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