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Leading Quantum Tech Data Platform, The Quantum Insider, Now Offering Free Public Access

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The quantum technology industry is a rapidly growing, increasingly complex ecosystem of academic, industrial and entrepreneurial players who are building the tools, technology and research solutions to realize the full potential of quantum.

The team at The Quantum Daily built The Quantum Insider to be the leading provider of information, data and insights on quantum technologies and they have since supported corporates, investors and governments in their research and monitoring of the space.

The Quantum Insider now offers a free public version to offer a look into this rich database that collects and structures global data on quantum technologies and delivers that information in a user-friendly platform.

Companies TQI data
Screenshot of summary company information

“The public access version of The Quantum Insider represents an important step for our service, our customers and the quantum industry.” said Evan Kubes, Co-founder of The Quantum Daily. “The quantum ecosystem is expanding at a swift pace and is increasingly becoming a complex space to navigate. We designed The Quantum Insider to give our customers help in understanding and quantifying its future potential.”

The free version currently offers:

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  • Detailed data on some of the companies, investors, academic groups, government institutions – and other organizations – involved in the quantum community.
  • Company profiles with classifications, funding rounds and partners, all integrated into The Quantum Daily’s database of news and information.

This will provide the base for quantum technology stakeholders syncing-up their profiles to their respective organizations, and eventually allowing them to connect directly with other players in the space. This will be supported by a quantum technology forum – the first step to building the Insider community.

Our premium offerings include enormous amounts of detail on the quantum tech universe and come with select consulting and bespoke platform support. It also offers customers implementation of their proprietary taxonomy and the collection and structuring of customizable metadata.

1Qbit TQI
TQI’s premium offering includes significantly further depth than other data platforms

“TQI offers a unique perspective on quantum by providing a high level view of the quantum landscape then diving deep into technical differences,” said Blaze Rogers, Head of Data at The Quantum Daily. “It is designed to help investors, start-ups, corporations, accelerators, policy makers and governments to gain a holistic overview of the quantum technology landscape.”

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The Quantum Insider is the leading online resource dedicated exclusively to Quantum Computing. You can contact us at [email protected].

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