Diraq Appoints William Jeffrey Non-Executive Director and Chairman


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  • Diraq appointed Dr. William (Bill) Jeffrey (PhD) as the company’s non-executive Director and Chairman.
  • Jeffrey is a General Partner of Airstream Venture Partners, based in San Francisco, California.
  • He was the President and CEO of SRI International from 2014–2021 and the President and CEO of HRL Laboratories from 2008-2014.

PRESS RELEASE — Diraq, a world leader in building quantum processors using electron spins in CMOS quantum dots, today announces the appointment of William (Bill) Jeffrey, PhD, as a non-executive Director and Chairman effective immediately.

Diraq CEO, Professor Andrew Dzurak said: “The Board and I are delighted that a technology leader the calibre of Bill has joined our team. He brings to Diraq over 30 years’ experience in both government and commercial sectors, spanning our entire product lifecycle and key industry verticals across the globe.”

“Bill’s experience as an investor in cutting edge quantum technology, and as CEO and President of leading research organisations such as SRI International (founded as Stanford Research Institute in 1946) and HRL Laboratories (founded as Hughes Research Laboratory in 1948 and now a corporate R&D lab owned by Boeing and GM), will be a key impact on our trajectory going forward, and our ability to realize our target of being the global leader in full-stack quantum computing.”

Jeffrey said: “I am very pleased to join the Board of Diraq as Chair, and to work with Andrew and his team, in driving useful, scalable quantum computing to reach the billions of qubits needed. Diraq has been working on this important research for over two decades, and I am excited to join at this inflection point where we can accelerate this into a fully integrated chipset in a stable, compact system.”

Jeffrey is a General Partner of Airstream Venture Partners, based in San Francisco, California. He was the President and CEO of SRI International from 2014–2021 and the President and CEO of HRL Laboratories from 2008-2014. Prior to HRL, Dr Jeffrey served in the Bush Administration as Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He also served in the Executive Office of the President as Senior Director for Homeland and National Security and as the Assistant Director for Space and Aeronautics within the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Jeffrey will be joining Professor Dzurak in Sydney, Australia for a series of events in mid-November, including lectures on Diraq, formal announcements on the latest technological advancements from the research team, and commercial milestones for the Company. To schedule a presentation from the Diraq team, or to understand the technology in more detail please contact [email protected].

Source: Diraq

About Diraq

Diraq is a world leader in building quantum processors using silicon quantum dots, leveraging over two decades in engineering and research expertise and backed by an extensive IP portfolio. Diraq’s goal is to revolutionise full-stack quantum computing by driving qubit numbers on a single chip to the billions needed for useful commercial application.

By capitalising on existing chip fabrication technology and the ability to manufacture at scale within current semiconductor facilities, Diraq is accelerating the change that can transform computing as we know it today. Diraq’s platform architecture is purpose built to drive the significant processing advances required to reduce cost and energy barriers, and to realise quantum computing’s full societal and economic potential. For more information visit www.diraq.com.

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