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Archer Achieves Electronic Transport in a Single Qubit

qubit transport
qubit transport
qubit transport
A Microscopy image of an individual isolated qubit (identified by false coloring in red) of about 50 nanometers in size positioned with extreme accuracy between two probe tip surfaces only a few hundred atoms apart, which then serve as electrical contacts to perform the electronic transport

Archer Materials Limited (“ASX: AXE”) announced its researchers have achieved electronic transport in a single qubit at room temperature, as part of its 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor chip (“12CQ chip”) technology development.

This achievement is fundamental to the successful development of the 12CQ chip. Archer successfully performed the direct measurement of the room-temperature two-terminal resistance of the qubit material, which is the core component of the 12CQ chip.

Current-voltage traces were repeatedly and reproducibly recorded over various voltage range on single isolated qubits, two-qubits and qubit clusters. The qubits were advantageously robust and withstood damage or change in electronic structure during measurement.

The outcomes of the measurements provide the necessary quantitative data and component level information that directly validates the ability of the qubits to operate within the electronic parameters required for functional, gated semiconductor devices at room temperature.

This represents a significant commercial advantage over competing qubit chip device proposals.

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Archer CEO Mohammad Choucair said: “In building our 12CQ chip for room temperature operation and integration onboard electronic devices, we are pushing the boundaries of what can be done technologically in the world today. The importance of achieving electronic transport in a single qubit at room temperature cannot be overstated as it will have a positive and broad impact on the development of the 12CQ chip.”

“The greatest amount of value creation in the quantum computing economy is currently generated from technology development like that which has been achieved here.”

He added, “The work unambiguously shows that a single qubit – the fundamental quantum information containing material component of the 12CQ chip – could be used to build ‘gated’ semiconductor devices. This is great news and direct technological validation for both the fabrication and operation of the 12CQ chip”.

“Archer is working with the few people and institutions in the world that have the know-how, facilities and instrumentation to drive our development forward at pace. The greatest amount of value creation in the quantum computing economy is currently generated from technology development like that which has been achieved here.”

The measurement outcomes directly resolve that the qubits are sufficiently similar not only in morphology, but also in their electronic properties, which is essential for their use in a multiqubit architecture, where each qubit needs to be ‘addressed’ individually in a device. This validates the high quality of each qubit (amongst the trillions and trillions available from bulk quantities) and increases the likelihood of scalable manufacture of Archer’s 12CQ chip.

The information obtained from the electronic transport measurements is in excellent agreement with the quantum mechanical theory of the qubit material developed by the Company and the measurement of qubit conductivity. Furthermore, the work reported in this ASX Announcement verifies claims in the registered Japanese patent , international patent applications and scientific publication§ underpinning the 12CQ chip technology.

This demonstrates that the Company continues to successfully operate under a high degree of scrutiny in its qubit chip development and commercialization. Archer is currently performing quantum measurements and materials characterization at different laboratory facilities that form a part of the Company’s technology development work package focused on ‘qubit control’ which continues and is on track with the successful outcomes in this ASX release.

From Archer Materials Limited

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