Quantum China Weekly Volume 32 (2021/11/13-2021/11/19)

Quantum China Weekly
Quantum China Weekly
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Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China is a weekly periodical focusing on China’s quantum information technology, provide a voice for the Chinese quantum technology. It mainly focuses on eight major directions: Policy, Capital, Business, Technology, Research, Education, Conference, and People. Providing researchers, Interested parties, and industry pioneers with all the latest developments in China’s quantum field.


Preview of the First Quantum Computing “Challenger Cup” Competition

Organizer: Quantum Computing Cloud Platform, Institute of Quantum Information and Quantum Technology Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Aim: It is open to the whole society and anyone who is interested in quantum can sign up for the competition.

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Time: The competition is divided into two parts: preheat and challenge

Warm-up: November 23rd 10:00 to November 25th 00:00
 Participants participate in this competition by logging into the quantum computing cloud platform;
 The competition adopts the form of quick answer, a total of 20 questions, correct answers to get the corresponding score;
 At the beginning of the competition, the contestant will publish the question in the “Q&A” section of the quantum computing cloud platform, and the contestant will send the answer to the designated mailbox;
 The competition will count the top 50 players with the highest scores and give out prizes.

Cloud platform link: https://quantumcomputer.ac.cn/

Contact: [email protected]

Challenge: December 5th 11:00 to January 5th 11:00
Rules to be determined


USTC publishes perspective on the phenomenon of quantum interference in molecular collisions in Science

On November 19th, Prof. Xing’an Wang of USTC and Academician Xueming Yang of Southern University of Science and Technology were invited to publish a review article entitled “A molecular double-slit experiment” in Science, in-depth discussion and prospects of the three-dimensional dynamics and quantum in molecular collisions Research on interference phenomena.
Original link:https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abm5536


China Supercomputing Application Team won the “ACM Gordon Bell Prize”

The winners of the 2021 “ACM Gordon Bell Prize” were announced at the Global Supercomputing Conference (SC21). The Chinese Supercomputing Application Team won the award for its “super-large-scale quantum random circuit real-time simulation” results. The “ACM Gordon Bell Prize” is the highest award in the field of international high-performance computing applications. The winning team consisted of 14 members from Zhijiang Laboratory, Tsinghua University, National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, Shanghai Quantum Science Research Center and other institutions.

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