Quantum Ethics | A Call to Action

The Quantum Daily is proud to release Quantum Ethics | A Call to Action. This mini-documentary is meant to raise awareness and generate discussion about the ethical decisions that face society in the quantum era.

This community-driven, solutions-based discussion relies on quantum experts and thought leaders who offer an overview of quantum technology, revealing its power to improve our lives, its potential pitfalls and how we can maximize its benefits while mitigating possible problems. Our team is looking forward to continuing this conversation and working with the community to develop concrete actions that will help guide and focus the power of this incredible technology to benefit the most people in the best way possible.

We would like to thank our experts

Dr. John Martinis, professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, helped lead Google’s successful effort to build a quantum computer using superconducting qubits and recently joined Silicon Quantum Computing.

Ilana Wisby, founding CEO of Oxford Quantum Circuits.  

Ilyas Khan, CEO and founder of Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”), Founding Chairman of The Stephen Hawking Foundation and Life Member of the American Mathematical Society.

Nick Farina, Founder of EeroQ, co-founded EOC, a leading software and services corporation in higher ed. Investor in Bering Science. Former Board of Directors, Chicago Public Television.

Faye Wattleton, Founder of EeroQ, former CEO of Planned Parenthood. Partner + Head of Corporate Governance Practice at Alvarez & Marsal, Board of Directors: Columbia University and Estée Lauder.

Abe Asfaw, Quantum Education Lead, IBM Quantum.

Special thanks to our media partner, Teralon Media.

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TQI Admin

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