Miraex To Assist NASA Efforts in The Development of Quantum Sensing

Miraex Selected in NASA SMD Entrepreneurship Challenge

On July 29th, Miraex SA, subcontracted by business partner Aperio Global, and IBM, was selected to participate as finalist in the NASA Science Mission Directorate Entrepreneurs Challenge 2020. Out of all the product pitches that were evaluated and scored by a panel of the agency’s representatives, Miraex with the Aperio team ranked within the top ten performers. Ultimately, the team solution was selected to support NASA’s efforts in quantum sensing.

The federal agency shed light on its plans to continue working with non-traditional international partners moving forward to accelerate the rate of space innovation. NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is seeking promising ideas trending in the commercial sector — particularly in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomy, robotics and advanced sensors. The Entrepreneurs Challenge aligns with NASA’s goal to foster innovation and develop new technologies at lower costs.

Pioneering commercial applications of quantum sensors, Miraex wants to bring space-level craftsmanship down to earth and is establishing itself into tomorrow’s industry technology market.

Miraex, together with top-notch partners Aperio Global and IBM, now looks forward to competing for an opportunity to receive additional follow-up funding support, live at the NASA Innovation Opportunity Conference (IOC) on October 22nd.

To know more about the NASA Innovation Opportunity Conference (IOC) please visit : https://innovation-opportunity-conference.com/

About Miraex

Miraex develops, manufactures and offers photonic and quantum solutions for next generation sensing, networking and computing. Our industrial sensing solutions prevent asset failure before it happens in the most demanding environments, where standard electronic sensors do not work. At Miraex we also build quantum integrated circuits for high sensitivity measurements and distributed quantum computing infrastructures.


About NASA

For more information about NASA’s science technology activities, please visit:


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James Dargan
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