South Korean Startup’s Entropy Chip To Generate Quantum Randomness & Improve Information Security


South Korean Startup’s Entropy Chip To Generate Quantum Randomness & Improve Information Security

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Secure forms of online security will become a mainstay as technology gets more advanced, nobody can deny that. And as hackers learn new tricks to undermine the already under stress networks, that threat will only worsen.

The potential of quantum technologies is a case in point, having the ability (in a theoretical sense, at least), to break the current modus operandi of classical encryption modalities. The best example of this is in the power of quantum random number generators (QRNGs). A QRNG is a special tool that, using the fantastical laws of quantum physics, delivers random bits in an ultra random way. Random number generators (RNGs), on the other hand, use the power of classical physics to do their randomness and lack the power of QRNGs to achieve ‘truly random numbers’ via entropy.

And it’s important, for we use applications that utilize random numbers when we send emails or use our credit cards. The capacity of QRNGs will create extra security, something that many banks, data companies and government agencies will appreciate for encryption and authentication procedures for internet communication in the post-quantum era.

Because of the demand that is slowly appearing for this technology, we can witness a number of startups in the quantum technology space emerging with products and services to cater to those who believe a breach of their IT systems can happen at any time.

Players with names like Crypta Labs, KETS Quantum Security, Qrate Quantum Communications, and Quantum Dice are leading the way in improving outcomes in ORNGs.

EYL, a South Korean startup founded in South Korea in 2015, ‘offers the world’s smallest, cheapest, fastest, and most energy-efficient QRNGs and applications’ on the market.

This is the second time in as many weeks TQD has covered a story about a startup with its roots in South Korea, and judging from the history and reputation of the country in first-rate ideas, product design and engineering in the technological sphere, no surprise really.

EYL’s pioneering QUANTUM™


Utilizing quantum entropy to create ultra-randomness, the startup’s core technology is the entropy chip, which allows EYL to collect ‘ultimate randomness (entropy) from nature using radioactive isotope decay’.

EYL’s QRNGs come in the form of chips, USBs and PCI type products, all offering different sizes and speeds. But not only that: the startup is also designing an ultralight chip encryptor which it is developing specifically for IoT devices.

In 2017 EYL incorporated in the United States, and has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Founders of EYL are managing director Francis Junghyun and CFO Daehyun Nam who are assisted with the day to day running of the startup by Buseok Jeong, EYL’s CEO.

To date, EYL has managed to raise $900,000. $800K in a 2016 Seed round and another $100K in a Grant from Boston-based non-profit startup accelerator MassChallenge.


As cyberattacks become more frequent in the postquantum era, EYL’s QRNGs will be a technology that many will find interesting. In developing solutions to problems in the space, the company can gloat about an excellent patent portfolio and an openmindedness that can get things done, too, a perfect combination to finding success in the industry.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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