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The Danish company – QDevil – launches next generation quantum chip carrier

The Danish quantum electronics company QDevil launched its new high frequency chip carrier at the IEEE Quantum Week 2020. The new chip carrier is the latest version of a range of chip carriers for quantum electronics experiments.

A new chip carrier from QDevil now extends the frequency range of the existing sample holder system – the QBoard. The QBoard* already provides 48 DC lines and 16 (1 GHz) RF lines. The new daughterboard now extends the lines with additional four 12 GHz lines through its on-board mini-SMP connectors facilitating experiments up in the microwave X band.

“Our new High Frequency Daughterboard enhances experiments aimed for superconducting qubits significantly” says Anders Kühle, product manager at QDevil.

Features and benefits of the new daughterboard include:

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  • Readout of superconducting resonators.
  • Sub-nanosecond gate-voltage pulses.
  • High-bandwidth frequency sweeps.

The daughterboard is already available for delivery. For more information please go to

*QBoard is a sample holder system consisting of a motherboard and daughterboard assembly made for rapid sample shifts. The QBoard system is a dual PCB sample holder with costly parts kept on a stationary motherboard and where the sample is mounted on a replaceable and affordable daughterboard, avoiding removal of wire bonded samples from PCBs when exchanging samples.

About QDevil
QDevil, was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2016 by two physicists, Jonatan Kutchinsky and Ferdinand Kuemmeth. The mission is to accelerate research and development in quantum electronics labs.

To full fill the mission QDevil helps colleagues around the world by supplying world class auxiliary electronics and devices operating from mK to room temperature. This has resulted in a product portfolio of a cryogenic sample holder, a cryogenic low pass filter, a breakout box and a DAC.

The company employees 20 people, mostly physicists and engineers, and is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. So far more than 60 research groups in 20 countries, including several tech giants, have benefitted from the high quality products from QDevil.

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For more information, please contact:
Jonatan Kutchinsky CEO
Phone: +45 51 90 21 45
Email: [email protected]


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