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Company Bringing The Brightest Minds to Solve Complex Problems With The Superpowers of Quantum Sensors

Photo by Dev on Unsplash

Superhero Abilities 

At first glance, it seems like it could be something taken out of a Stan Lee comic book, the ability of superhuman powers, of x-ray vision, to see what’s around the corner before you’ve even turned it; or more impressive still, to search well beyond the earth’s crust. But not only those things: it could also recognize illnesses within the human body, eradicating them for all time.

That, in a nutshell, is the scope in the power of quantum sensors, and it’s a technology that could very well change the way we live.

A field in solid-state physics, a quantum sensor is a machine that can detect physical bodies or other stimuli through quantized levels of energy. To achieve the measurement of a physical quantity, it utilizes the phenomena of quantum entanglement or coherence to refine the scope of measurement that classical sensor models are unable to achieve.

Currently, one of the universities leading research centres in quantum sensing is the University of Birmingham, located in my hometown. Head of the research at the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, is principal investigator Professor Kai Bongs. The centre (along with others) was covered by TQD in a story earlier this year, but twelve months is a long time in technology, and so much the better.

Private companies, too, are doing their bit to scale the industry. RAM Global, a multinational technology concern founded in 2010 and based in Singapore, is one company doing just that. With offices in Germany and Israel, too, the ‘global’ in the company’s name is not for nothing.

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With a focus on ‘sensor research, development, design, and fabrication of nano-electronics and digital technology’, RAM Global’s mixture of world-class leadership, material engineering, information and communication technology team creates a working dynamism that can achieve its desired goals. By taking advantage of its surroundings, both locally and globally, RAM Global can continue to innovate in areas such as logistics, healthcare and others.

RAM Global

Founder, CEO and chairman of RAM Group Global is Ayal Ram, whose background is in engineering with a particular focus on computer science and nanotechnology. Ram’s deputy, president Luke Saban, is an experienced C-level executive and advisor with a storied background in finance and venture capital. Their multinational team of nearly 40, all top people in their disciplines, works across a number of R&D groups at universities and private-labs in Singapore, Germany and Israel.

Sense The Future

— RAM Global

The company’s ultra field quantum sensor devices have been designed to give a better, more precise method to the measuring and examining of scores of physical phenomena simultaneously by calculating their frequency, motion, electro-magnetic and biometric fields. In doing this, more extensive findings can be reached which can have positive implications for technologies in clinical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, defence, and industrial process monitoring.

RAM Global offers a multistrain selection of products in Ultrafield Quantum Sensors.

  • Electronic Terahertz Sensor
  • Gas Sensors
  • UV optical Sensors
  • Biometric Sensors
  • Fluid Chemical Sensors
  • Electronic & Elisa Cell Sensors
  • Pressure & Strain Sensors

These products, then, offer far greater sensitivity than current and last-generation sensors.

“When I’m not leading a world-class team of innovators, I enjoy researching new solutions that could solve today’s critical issues.”

— Ayal Ram

To see what the company is up to in more depth, I would recommend heading over to RAM Global’s well-designed website for more insight.

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James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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