Japanese Company Reports Their Quantum Chemistry Cloud Service is in Private Beta

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Japanese quantum algorithm developer said its quantum chemistry tech is now in private beta.

QunaSys Co., Ltd., which is working on the development of quantum computer applications, announced in a news release that its cloud service for performing quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers, called QunaSys Qamuy, is now available in private beta.

QunaSys said the company has been developing an algorithm engine for quantum chemistry calculations, aiming for the world’s first industrial application of quantum computers.

The company plans to target next-generation accelerators (NISQ computers, error-tolerant gate type computers, etc.), which will be important computational resources in the future, considering their strengths and weaknesses, and optimally utilize them in the right place.

The company added: “By doing so, we aim to build a platform that speeds up and enhances the entire application program. In this research and development, QunaSys is responsible for the development of interface technology for NISQ computers and error-tolerant gated quantum computers, and is focusing on the development of algorithm engines mainly for quantum chemistry calculations.”

Now that the core part of the algorithm engine has been completed, the company is testing the cloud service QunaSys Qamuy that incorporates the engine with the aim of obtaining feedback for further expansion of functions in the future.

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QunaSys Qamuy is a quantum chemistry calculation cloud service with the world’s highest performance and most functions for quantum computers, according to the company’s research. By using this software, it is possible to verify the performance comparison with quantum chemistry calculations on classical computers and the performance comparison of various algorithms.

The company writes: “QunaSys has been one of the research themes of the Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) ‘Society 5.0 Realization Technology Utilizing Light and Quantum; (Management Corporation: Quantum Research Institute) of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Cabinet Office since the first year of the Ordinance. We are participating in ‘Research and Development on Next-Generation Accelerator Platforms’.”

This year, as a private beta version, member companies in the program will be provided with the quantum computer application study community “QPARC” operated by QunaSys. In addition, the company plans to use the technology in advance by leading companies in the fields of materials, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automobiles in Japan and overseas.

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