HQS Part of the EU Team Joining Forces to Boost Industrial Quantum Computing Applications

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HQS Quantum Simulations is one of the companies that are taking part in the NEASQC (Next ApplicationS in Quantum Computing) project.

HQS Quantum Simulations announced in a news release that it will participate in the 4-year European Project NEASQC. NEASQC brings together academic and industrial experts to investigate and develop a new breed of Quantum-enabled applications that can take advantage of NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) systems in the near future.

One of the greatest challenges in the development of quantum computers is considered the highly complex interaction of hardware and software. NEASQC project gives the opportunity to find the most efficient and disruptive applications in the short to medium term even while hardware is limited.

The development of new materials requires the understanding of material properties at the atomic level, where the laws of physics are determined by quantum mechanics. In practice, the calculation of properties of small systems brings existing classical computers to their limit. At the same time, quantum mechanical simulation is one of the most efficient fields of application for quantum computers.

HQS’s experience in providing software to facilitate the upcoming revolution in computer-aided materials design will be combined with the know-how of Total, AstraZeneca and NUIG (ICHEC) to work together and bridge the gap between the recent proof-of-concept quantum chemical computations on NISQ processors and actual, industrial-scale quantum chemistry problems. To this aim, we will create software tools to intergrate classical quantum chemical codes with quantum computing (QC) modules.

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