How a Quantum Arbitration Tool Plans To Change The Practice of Law

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A fair world in the courtroom would be good for all of us. Can quantum computers play a role?

With a Little Luck

A time will come when quantum computing (QC) will infiltrate every aspect of our lives. At the moment, though, the industry is at its very early stages with little evidence of practical use cases.

However, over time and with a little luck, this should change.

The practical applications of the technology are limited at the moment — what we are seeing is the birth of solutions in a number of spheres. These include panaceas in drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, traffic control, online security, and AI.

We still have a long way to go, Google’s Quantum Supremacy aside. Yet, we’re getting there slowly.

Another way QC can shape our lives in the years to come is being considered by one California-based QC startup called Eonum.

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‘Court cases are difficult to predict and attorney fees are high. Eonum leverages quantum physics to arbitrate between opposing parties for the best possible outcome.’

— Eonum

Sounds like a viable solution to what can potentially be a massive headache for both parties at trial.

Eonum’s Quantum Solution

Eonum was founded in 2020 by Amir Vahid. A data scientist by profession with a Ph.D. in chemical and biochemical engineering from the University of Akron and postdoctoral fellowships in chemistry engineering from the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University, respectively, Vahid also has twelve publications to his name in chemistry and physics.

Part of Eonum’s strategy is to ‘provide decision-making algorithms to insurance companies, policymakers, politicians, and lawyers.’

These will:

— classify and prioritize the documents for mediation, arbitration and financial markets

— change from a Newtonian cause-effect system to a quantum approach by implementing dissipative quantum field theories based on beyond equilibrium thermodynamics and dissipation

— predict the outcome with access to alternative price data

In a world where court cases can be an expensive business — as well as in some instances life-changing for individuals — such solutions will be a much-welcomed sight. Arbitration tools, based on quantum information science, have the potential to change the way trials are conducted and decided over.

Making them fairer and a lot cheaper, too.


At a talk earlier this year at Innovation Nations, Vahid went on about how the new paradigm shift of quantum information science will shape the worlds of finance and politics. His presentation was both educational and eye-opening at the same time.

‘We believe that AI can be the answer to the world’s biggest problems. While everyone is currently trying to apply AI to increase efficiency and automate tasks, we want to build a model to find the best of every possible idea to help lower the tension in world politics. Our quantum arbitration tool is the tip of the iceberg of what our +/- model can do.’

— Eonum

With a strong team that includes business development, marketing and data science departments, Eonum has all the pieces in place to make its mark on a nascent industry that will surely change the face of technology forever.

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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