Britannia to Rule the Wavefunction, Spreads 78 Million Pounds Across 38 Projects

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UK is spreading the love — and the pounds — around several quantum projects.

The UK government will be investing over £70 million across 38 new quantum technology projects in the country to mark the start of Quantum Tech Digital Week, according to Government Computing.

The funding announcement is part of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Quantum Technologies Challenge. Selected quantum technology projects will come from more than 80 firms and about 30 universities and research organizations across the country including the University of Glasgow, University College London, and the National Physical Laboratory.

According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the new projects will strive to solve global challenges and address major industrial challenges, including developing batteries for electric vehicles to innovating energy storage systems that will cut down greenhouse gas emissions, through the use of advanced quantum technologies.

The department added that the government’s significant cash injection will help in advancing quantum technologies and ensure that the country becomes a leader in the emerging field.

One of the beneficiary quantum technology projects of the funding is being led by medical imaging company Adaptix in collaboration with the University of Manchester. The project will use enhanced imaging to enable surgeons to differentiate between healthy tissues and tumours in cancer surgery in an effective manner.

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Another project is from Bristol-based start-up QLM in collaboration with oil and gas firm BP and the National Grid. The project will use the funds for developing quantum enabled gas sensors for detecting industrial leaks to help prevent natural gas from being lost to the atmosphere, thereby contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

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