QuBes Camp – Learn Quantum Computing From The Pros


QuBes Camp – Learn Quantum Computing From The Pros

Wondering how to level up this summer? Learn quantum computing.

Most high-school and university students have never heard of quantum computing. If they have, they probably think it’s way above their level and completely unlearnable. 

But, that’s far from the truth. Every student has the ability to have a basic understanding of quantum computing and make an impact in the field.

At Q-munity, we’ve made it our goal to create places for students to learn this technology. Which is why we’re proud to announce our QuBes Camp for the summer of 2020. 

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QuBes Camp (Quantum Beginner’s Camp) is an affordable, high-quality camp experience for high school students. Our campers will be one of the first students in the world to learn about quantum computing! 

The program offers an innovative curriculum that combines years of learning into two comprehensive weeks, designed for the digital world.

QuBes Camp sets itself apart with a curriculum that emphasizes individual attention and mentorship, real world skill-building, lectures with special guests, and choice and flexibility in programming.

Campers will get the opportunity to learn and work with accomplished instructors from premier institutions including MIT, Dartmouth, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. 

Additionally, by the end of the camp, every camper will receive a professional certification, mentorship opportunities, and an original quantum computing project of their own. 

The program is particularly beneficial for students interested in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, app/web development, fintech, and other tech fields. Learning quantum computing is an amazing way to separate yourself from the pack!

But, you don’t need any prior experience to attend! Our curriculum is designed to assume nothing about your background knowledge. We teach using simple concepts and focus on building a foundation first. 

We understand that due to COVID-19 so many students have lost internship, job and camp opportunities. Luckily, QuBes Camp gives you a specialized, unique project to add to your resume or portfolio.

The best part is our tuition is only $200 for 2 weeks! We want to make QuBes Camp accessible to everybody and that can’t be done with sky-high tuition fees.

Quantum computing is the field of the future and we’re very happy to be bringing it to you. 

If you are or know of any students, send them this article and sign up for QuBes Camp! It’s an experience you can’t miss!

Spots are limited and filling quickly; check out www.qmunity.tech/qubes-camp for more details.

Anisha Musti

Anisha Musti

Anisha is a guest writer for The Quantum Daily. She is a co-founder of Q-munity, an organization driven to spread quantum computing to everyone. Her main focus is using quantum computing and AI to make an impact.

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