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Q-munity Workshops: The Best Way To Kickoff Your Quantum Journey

Q-munity is hosting the first ever quantum computing workshop for students. They are a series of online sessions to introduce an individual to quantum computing. We will go over the fundamentals and advance to complex quantum algorithms. In light of COVID-19, the organization is using the quantum workshops as a way to turn youth boredom into an opportunity to learn quantum computing.

Q-munity is the first organization designed for pre-university quantum education. Formed in 2019 by myself and other high schoolers, we are driven by a mission to give every young individual the opportunity to learn quantum computing.

Prior to Q-munity, there were very few resources available for those attempting to learn quantum computing before college. Many even discouraged the idea as they felt it was unachievable for a high schooler to learn about quantum computing. Even for me, I was often told that I needed a PhD or graduate-level education to do anything in quantum computing. Through Q-munity, we want to eliminate that notion and make the field accessible to young people willing to learn quickly.

The workshops are open to anyone looking to get an introduction to quantum computing. They are completely free and we encourage students from all skill levels to attend. There are absolutely no prerequisites–not even coding. If you have an interest in learning, then you’re the perfect candidate. 

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We’ve crafted the process to ensure that every student leaves more informed and skilled than when they came in. During the sessions, we will be using the IBM Q Experience. We have made sure to include a balance of circuit composer and Qiskit in our curriculum. In doing this, we’ve created value for students of all backgrounds. Furthermore, we’ve ensured that students will leave the session with a tangible project of their own to show. 

Prior to the event, students can interact with each other on our forum. Each student can post articles, ask questions, and spark intellectual discussions with one another. Our goal is to give students the resources to learn and a community to support them. 

Our first workshop is taking place on May 26th at 3:30-5PM EST. It’s being hosted by Doug McClure, a Research Staff Member and Manager of Quantum System Deployment at IBM Research. He received his PhD in experimental physics from Harvard University. The growth opportunities are endless and we know this can be a great place to kick off a career in quantum computing.

All of the brightest students will be gathered in a digital room to learn about a groundbreaking technology. Make sure to tell your friends and family all about it! It’s going to be an event you can’t miss!

To sign up for the event, visit 


Twitter: @qmunitytech

Anisha Musti

Anisha is a guest writer for The Quantum Daily. She is a co-founder of Q-munity, an organization driven to spread quantum computing to everyone. Her main focus is using quantum computing and AI to make an impact.

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