Webinar: Quantum Venture Capital, Co-Design Quantum Computers, Quantum Networks

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Le Lab Quantique is a not for profit association conducting a range of activities in support of the emerging quantum ecosystem, including successful webinars attended by many stakeholders worldwide including investors, scientists, startups, consultants, industry… Check Le Lab Quantique website and the YouTube channel for webinars replays.

The next webinar on May 12th will feature:
– A very timely debate on Investment in Quantum Technologies with 3 leading investors in the field, on both sides of the Atlantic : SAMIR KUMAR (M12, Microsoft’s venture fund), OLIVER KAHL (MIG), CHRISTOPHE JURCZAK (Quantonation)
– ENRIQUE SOLANO, CEO at IQM Germany, on Co-Design of quantum computers for their superconducting, Finland made, technology
– MEHDI NAMAZI, CEO and founder of Qunnect, a US based quantum networking startup, will introduce us to his photonics based technology and how it will be a key enabler for the Quantum Internet



Christophe Jurczak
Christophe Jurczak
Christophe Jurczak is partner at Quantonation, early stage investment fund dedicated to Quantum Technologies and Deep Physics, and founder of not for profit Le Lab Quantique.

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