Startup Claims Quantum Data Protection Doesn’t Need To Be Costly

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A Jerusalem-based startup announced today that its quantum key distribution system that is used to secure data communication can be achieved at a much lower cost than previously available, according to a company news release.

QuantLR, a Quantum encryption company, successfully deployed a proof-of-concept showing that QKD is ready for mass deployment at a cost reduction of 90% over all previously deployed solutions.

Quantum Key Distribution is the only proven protocol to stay secure even after the deployment of Quantum Computers. The ability to easily and cost effectively deploy this technology is a major breakthrough in keeping all data communication secure forever.

Google’s latest announcement on Quantum Supremacy has brought wider attention to a major security issue that has been known for many years. In the not-too-distant future Quantum Computers will have the ability to easily hack all data communications. The root digital mechanism of key exchange, the essential first stage in all data encryption, is extremely vulnerable to attacks by Quantum Computers. On the other hand, Quantum Key Distribution is physically proven to be secure against all attacks from contemporary digital and future Quantum Computers now and forever.

Emerging Quantum Communication company QuantLR is focused on addressing the major cost issue inhibiting the mass deployment of QKD. QuantLR reveals today a breakthrough technology that now enables worldwide deployment of low cost, ultimately secure quantum key distribution (QKD) solutions. The core of this breakthrough is a patented cutting-edge technology that allows the deployment of Quantum Key Distribution at a fraction of the current cost.

“The security community is late in addressing the largest and most dangerous security issue. Despite the public warnings posted by the NSA as early as 2016 no major action has been taken to combat this threat,” said Yanir Farber QuantLR’s co-founder and CEO.

“It is widely accepted that the safest solution for the future is QKD, and the major reason QKD has not been deployed widely has been cost. Our successful POC now removes the main constraint restricting the deployment of QKD and opens the door for the long overdue worldwide deployment of this ultimately secure technology. Due to our breakthrough now everyone’s data will be safe,” said Farber.

“Utilizing existing, readily available low-cost hardware components, combined with our innovative firmware and software design, allowed our quantum communication experts team to build and test a platform that produces the same level of ultimately secure QKD at a faction of the cost,” said Professor Hagai Eisenberg from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, QuantLR co-founder and its Chief Scientist, and a world renown expert in quantum communication.

About the company

QuantLR is a Jerusalem based startup active since October 2018. The company’s core technology is innovative technology required to produce low-cost quantum encryption. This expertise comes from world renown quantum physicists from the Hebrew University of

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