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QAI Ventures Selects Startups For The Accelerator Program’s Second Cohort

QAI Ventures
QAI Ventures

Insider Brief

  • QAI Ventures announced the selection of its second cohort of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program.
  • Startups include Commutator Studios (Germany), Munich Quantum Instruments (Germany), QCentroid (Spain), QPerfect (France), Quantized Technology (Canada), Scenario X (Switzerland), and ZuriQ (Switzerland).
  • QAI Ventures is a Quantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator with offices in Arlesheim, Switzerland, and Calgary, Canada.

PRESS RELEASE — QAI Ventures, a Quantum and Advanced AI-focused global VC Fund and Startup Accelerator announced the selection of its second cohort of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program. The chosen Quantum Startups aim to revolutionize various industries with their cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in Quantum Computing, Sensing, and Communications.

The Quantum Startups joining the second QAI Ventures Accelerator cohort include:

  1. Commutator Studios builds developer tools that boost the performance of quantum applications running on current quantum computers. /Quantum Computing, Software
  2. Munich Quantum Instruments (MQI) develops scalable photonic quantum sensors that can be applied in breakthrough discoveries and disruptive applications such as optical quantum computers, quantum sensing, deep space optical communication, and quantum communication. /Quantum Sensing
  3. QCentroid is the QuantumOps platform that revolutionizes the way enterprises test, compare, and deploy advanced computational solutions, driving business efficiency and achieving net zero goals simultaneously  /Quantum Computing, Software
  4. QPerfect is developing a performant quantum operating system tightly integrated with hardware components to boost digital quantum computers in speed, scale, accuracy, and uptime. This first Quantum Booster will make the crucial leap from NISQ (noisy intermediate scale quantum) to practical quantum computing (error-corrected and large-scale) a reality.  /Quantum Computing, Software
  5. Quantized Technology (QTI) is pioneering the frontier of secure communications and is developing patent-pending quantum data encryption technology to protect customer data in the AI and quantum era. QTi’s solution is based on next-gen quantum communications technology to provide unprecedented security and cost-effective network scaling. /Quantum Communications
  6. Scenario X is an AI-powered platform* for financial institutions to forecast economic scenarios, perform proactive risk and financial modeling, and perform stress testing. The solution can help reduce modeling costs by up to 50%, enhance efficiency by up to 60%, and add significant value to clients. /Financial Advanced AI

*During the accelerator program, Scenario X will collaborate closely with the QuantumBasel team in order to adapt their algorithms to run in a Quantum environment.

  1. ZuriQ is developing the hardware at the bottom of the stack for a scalable quantum computer based on trapped ions. Compared to competing approaches, ZuriQ’s innovation removes a fundamental scaling bottleneck by natively supporting ion transport in three dimensions. /Quantum computing, Hardware

During the five-month program starting on June 17th, 2024, QAI Ventures will provide comprehensive support for the startups’ business development. This includes access to a global mentor network, valuable connections to industry partners, and guidance to ensure they are investment-ready.

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In addition to other benefits such as tailored expert mentoring, the QAI Ventures Accelerator program grants participating startups access to Quantum Hardware from esteemed partners such as QuantumBasel, QuEra Computing Inc., Strangeworks, IBM, IonQ, D-Wave, and Nvidia. Access to this state-of-the-art quantum hardware will enable the startups to push the boundaries of their technological advancements and drive meaningful innovation.

Those who want to attend the launch event on June 17th to celebrate with the founders, the QAI Ventures team, and the ecosystem on the garden rooftop at uptownBasel in Arlesheim, Switzerland, starting at 15:00 CEST can RSVP now to reserve their seat.

Matt Swayne

With a several-decades long background in journalism and communications, Matt Swayne has worked as a science communicator for an R1 university for more than 12 years, specializing in translating high tech and deep tech for the general audience. He has served as a writer, editor and analyst at The Quantum Insider since its inception. In addition to his service as a science communicator, Matt also develops courses to improve the media and communications skills of scientists and has taught courses. [email protected]

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