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Europe’s Largest Port Trials Scalable Quantum Security Powered by Q*Bird

Rotterdam europoort commercial harbor landscape
Insider Brief
  • The Port of Rotterdam Authority is trialing quantum-security provided by scalable quantum network technology from Q*Bird to protect its digital infrastructure and communications

  • In world of increasingly sophisticated hackers and elevated geopolitical tensions, the security of critical infrastructure is more important than ever

  • The partnership includes Dutch quantum security startup Q*Bird, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Portbase, Single Quantum, Cisco, Eurofiber, Intermax en InnovationQuarter

Quantum security startup Q*Bird has begun a partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, to upgrade its communications at a time when the security of critical infrastructure is a high priority around the world.

The trial involves Netherlands-based Q*Bird’s Falqon® technology being implemented to protect the port’s digital infrastructure, as well as its communications with third parties such as customs authorities and logistics service providers that use the port.

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Staying ahead of emerging security threats is critical for Europe’s largest port.

The port is a key part of the European trade economy. It’s the fifth most important bulk port in the world and the 10th largest container port globally. It accommodates 28,000 oceangoing ships and 90,000 inland vessels annually.

The port’s communications are already cryptographically secured. But the increasing sophistication of hackers, not to mention the growing geopolitical tensions in the world, make increased security a sensible precaution to protect critical infrastructure such as ports.

Q*Bird provides technology for quantum secure networking. Just as emerging quantum computers or unexpected advancements in classical algorithms could eventually pose a threat to the security of today’s strong cryptography, quantum technologies can also provide a solution by offering far stronger security.

“We’re using a novel approach by enabling many different users to connect to the same central switch station. This will allow a large number of users to exchange highly secured information,” Q*Bird co-founder and CEO, Ingrid Romijn says of the trial.

“This is untappable. And when it is attacked, you will know it.”

The trial is a partnership between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Q*Bird, Portbase, Single Quantum, Cisco, Eurofiber, Intermax and InnovationQuarter.

At MWC24 in February, Q*Bird and Eurofiber, a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure, announced a partnership to offer the highest standard of network security thanks to quantum technology.

Q*Bird will bring its Falqon® technology to general availability on the market in the coming months.

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