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Unlocking the Future: SandboxAQ CEO Jack Hidary on the Convergence of AI & Quantum

The fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing stands poised to alter industries and expand the boundaries of what’s achievable. Leading this effort is SandboxAQ, a company committed to leveraging these state-of-the-art technologies to tackle society’s most pressing issues.

Jack Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ, recently discussed the immense transformative potential of AI and quantum. His insights threw light on how SandboxAQ is positioned to catalyze innovation across various domains, bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world impact.

Synergizing AI & Quantum for Breakthroughs

Hidary called attention to the synergy between AI and quantum technologies, revealing: “The next wave of AI is beyond LLMs, beyond the graphics tools and image creators and video creators. It is this fundamental deep tech revolution of the combination of the best of AI and the best of quantum.” This convergence, he explained, holds the key to unlocking groundbreaking advancements, from drug discovery to clean energy solutions.

“AI is very good when you have a lot of data,” said Hidary, “but what if we want to have a new molecule, a new device, a new material? We don’t have any data. It’s novel, and that’s when we have to use physics itself to figure out and make new data. We call that synthetic data, data that we create ourselves, and that data we can then apply AI to.”

Revolutionizing Drug Discovery & Clean Tech

One of the most promising applications of this powerful combination lies in the realm of drug discovery.

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“Right now, it takes on average 13 years to develop one drug. It takes on average 2.5 billion euros to develop one drug, and even after all that time and money, there’s an 80% failure rate in clinical trials,” Hidary said. However, he sees a solution in AI and quantum simulation: “We can run it through millions of simulations way before it ever gets to the first human.”

Clean energy is another area poised for disruption.

“We want to have new kinds of solar panels,” Hidary explained. “Solar panels have come down in price, but there’s another way to bring it down even another 90%, and that’s called perovskites.” By leveraging AI and quantum simulations, SandboxAQ aims to enhance the stability and efficiency of these promising materials.

Securing the Future with Quantum Cybersecurity

While AI and quantum offer immense potential, Hidary also acknowledged the need to address potential security threats.

“As much as we love AI and quantum and it gives us many positive things, let’s also recognize that there’s attacks on cybersecurity both from AI and quantum,” he warned. SandboxAQ is committed to developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that the benefits of these technologies can be realized safely and securely.

With an ambitious vision and a talented team of scientists, engineers, and researchers, SandboxAQ is poised to shape the future of AI and quantum technologies. As Hidary concluded: “Our mission at SandboxAQ is to be the most impactful company in the world, and we define impact in terms of the positive effect we can have on all these different areas using frontier computing, using frontier technology.”

Featured image: Credit: SandboxAQ

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