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Quantum technology is positioned to redefine technology and business. And Alberta is poised to be a leader in this transformative era.

While still in its nascent stages, quantum technologies possess the capability to fundamentally change the ways in which we detect, process, and send information. Quantum computers have the potential to solve complex problems beyond the reach of classical systems. Quantum sensors have the ability to detect signals with precision beyond classical limits, and quantum networks would allow for, in theory, perfectly secure communication channels.  These leaps in computational power and detecting and transmitting information could drive innovation in fields such as cryptography, material science, energy and artificial intelligence, fundamentally changing how businesses operate and compete.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to quantum innovation, Alberta has launched several strategic initiatives in talent development, infrastructure creation and business development, with Quantum City serving as one example of how the community is working to turn quantum technology into thriving businesses and practical applications. Quantum City, in collaboration with the Government of Alberta and Mphasis, is a University of Calgary initiative focused on constructing cutting-edge fabrication infrastructure, fostering innovative talent and expert pipelines, and establishing practical pathways for the development and adoption of quantum technologies. Alberta is already seeing investment in its quantum sector. Alongside its partnership with Quantum City, Mphasis is building its global quantum solutions team in Calgary.

Dr. Megan Lee, Managing Director of Quantum City speaking at a University of Calgary event. Credit: UCalgary

Megan Lee, Managing Director of Quantum City, captures this vision: “Quantum City is building the province’s quantum ecosystem with a focus on talent generation, infrastructure, and narrowing the gap between quantum technologies and solutions to drive the development of a vibrant economic and scientific hub based in Calgary. Through initiatives like the Quantum City Challenge and our facilities, we’re building Alberta’s quantum future and positioning the province as a key player in quantum innovation.”

The Quantum City Challenge: Leaders in the energy industry embracing quantum

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Quantum computing may transform various aspects of the energy sector, including optimizing grid management, enhancing the efficiency of renewable energy sources and improving predictive maintenance for energy infrastructure.

The Quantum City Challenge serves as an example of how Alberta is applying its leadership in both quantum technologies and energy innovation to solve some of the energy industry’s most critical concerns. This collaborative effort, spearheaded by Quantum City alongside Alberta’s energy leaders ATCO and Canadian Natural, leverages the province’s comprehensive quantum ecosystem and some of the world’s most forward-thinking energy companies.

The Challenge, facilitated by AWS and supported by the Government of Alberta and the University of Calgary, is a global competition aimed at finding quantum computing solutions to pressing issues in the energy sector, including optimizing EV charging, improving tailings treatment and enhancing bitumen transportation efficiency. The winner(s) of the inaugural Quantum City Challenge will be announced at Inventures in late May 2024.

The demand for quantum innovation

 Alicia Couto, Innovate Calgary 
Alicia Couto Credit: Innovate Calgary

Calgary has long been a leader in innovative businesses and encourages entrepreneurship, which makes it an ideal hub for quantum technology development. Organizations like the Energy Transition Centre (ETC), a dynamic hub for fostering innovation in clean energy transition, is seeing its members intrigued by quantum and its potential.

Alicia Couto, Venture Manager for Energy & Cleantech at Innovate Calgary’s Energy Transition Centre remarked on the synergy between innovation and quantum technology, stating, “energy companies are continuously seeking new solutions, and we’re seeing interest from this sector to research and explore the possibilities of quantum technologies. The potential to make the energy industry safer, more efficient and sustainable through quantum solutions is extremely appealing and the spirit of innovation is evident here in Calgary with our members.”

Supporting the quantum ecosystem in Alberta

Another organization that focuses on fostering partnerships and growing Alberta’s economy is seeing an increase in tech companies attracted to the province is Calgary Economic Development.

Chelsea Hallick, Business Development Manager, Enterprise Technology with Calgary Economic Development has seen the rapid rise in interest from companies offering quantum and quantum-adjacent solutions for industry attracted to the city, “we’ve seen industry exploring and investing in new technologies, including quantum computers and sensors. New organizations are actively participating in the development and building of the quantum ecosystem in the province right here in Calgary and Quantum City is vital to their success as they bring together researchers, developers and adopters”.

Quantum Momentum
As the momentum surrounding quantum technology builds around the world, Quantum City and its broader initiatives show the province’s commitment to becoming a leader of new and exciting technologies and developments, including quantum. As Alberta continues to cultivate this advanced technology, businesses, researchers, and innovators are actively collaborating to explore the potential opportunities offered by quantum technology for companies across all sectors in the province.

For more information, check out Quantum City LinkedIn and site.

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