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Dr. Marianna Bonanome Explores Quantum Computing’s Revolutionary Impact & Emerging Threats at Stony Brook University Event

At the latest SPIR Lunch and Learn event hosted by the Institute for Advanced Computer Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University, Dr. Marianna Bonanome, Head of External Education Programs at SandboxAQ, went into the future of quantum computing and its implications for the digital world. Bonanome’s expertise offered students a comprehensive view of the potential and challenges that lie ahead in the realm of quantum technologies.

Bonanome’s presentation covered the expansive work of SandboxAQ in quantum simulation, optimization, security, and more.

“We also do materials new materials discovery and battery science,” she said, highlighting the innovative approaches SandboxAQ is exploring, leveraging quantum-inspired techniques on classical processors.

A significant focus of her discussion was on the future interplay between quantum processing units and classical computing systems.

“They’re all going to work in an ecosystem; it’s not going to be one rather than the other,” said Bonanome, which underscores the complementary nature of these technologies.

This holistic approach aims to harness the strengths of both quantum and classical computing to address complex challenges across various domains.

Addressing the potential risks associated with the advent of quantum computing, Bonanome discussed the concept of the “quantum threat.”

“Shor gave an algorithm which once we have a vast enough, powerful enough quantum computer in place, we’re going to be able to crack all of our existing modern cryptography,” she said.

This insight into the disruptive capability of quantum computing to undermine current cryptographic protocols underscored the urgency of preparing for a post-quantum world. Governments globally are mandating agencies to assess and mitigate their quantum vulnerabilities, highlighting the critical intersection of technology and national security.

Bonanome also discussed the phenomenon of “store now, decrypt later” attacks, where malicious actors hoard encrypted data, anticipating future quantum advancements to break encryption. This strategy poses a long-term threat to sensitive information across national security, finance, and healthcare sectors.

Throughout her talk, Bonanome painted a picture of a future where quantum and classical computing coexist and complement each other, driving innovation while also presenting unprecedented security challenges. Her insights shed light on the pivotal role of quantum computing in shaping the next frontier of technological advancement and the importance of proactive measures to safeguard against its potential risks.

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