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How Services Increase Quantum Computing Availability

By Anssi Salmela, Chief Technical Operations Officer, Bluefors

At Bluefors, we help scientists and industries around the world to drive new innovations, and support them in solving the world’s biggest challenges. To do that, we want to ensure that our cryogenic measurement systems provide every cool second available to help them achieve their goals. 

As the quantum industry expands and requirements grow, companies such as Bluefors must also improve and expand their product services. The setups necessary for quantum technology applications are often complex, requiring a lot of lab infrastructure. This, alongside the increasing need for quantum computing availability, requires a comprehensive and efficient supply chain to keep quantum computers and all the supporting technologies operational to the maximum extent possible.

Our great customer care team has built the foundations on which we build our services at Bluefors. Over the last 15 years, we’ve gained a lot of experience in the real-life situations and challenges faced by our customers. We have made great efforts to utilize the data and knowledge we’ve gathered to help our customers. Now we are scaling this to bring our support and services even closer to customers’ needs.

One of the key services we offer is Total System Care, which has been designed to help maintain the maximum operational effectiveness of our systems during their lifetime. It’s aimed at all customers with Bluefors measurement systems, enabling them to focus on their own work and technology, without having to think about maintaining their cryogenic measurement systems.

The most important benefit of Total System Care is the increased predictability it brings. With excellent maintenance, a cryogenic measurement system will function reliably and predictably over a long lifetime. To support Total System Care, we’ve added higher service levels that ensure faster on-site response time, and increased the availability of spare parts. 

However, we go further and proactively take care of systems and resolve issues before they happen. Through regular maintenance and health-checks, our engineers inspect the systems and identify potential risks to propose preventive actions. The increased responsiveness and improved information flow between our team and the customer is highly valued.

In the future, we aim to enhance our local presence and provide faster on-site responses. Our services will keep improving as we learn more about our customers’ needs by maintaining their systems, and adapting to support them.

Through the experience gained from our services, we can also improve our products. Bluefors Lab – our service that provides start-ups and research groups with easy access to a cryogenic measurement system – and Total System Care enable us to better understand the way our customers want to use products. These lessons constantly help us to improve our technology.

In the end, we want our systems to provide the highest performance possible, and we want our customers to get the most out of the investments they make in their lab infrastructure. From a sustainability perspective, it’s also important to extend the lifetime of our systems and optimize resource utilization. 

That’s why we want to make every cool second count for our customers. 

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