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Bluefors launches Microwave Readout Module with a TWPA

Bluefors has announced the launch of their readout line solution that includes a traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA). Named ‘Microwave Readout Module’, it enables near-quantum-limited amplification of signals at millikelvin temperatures with minimal added noise. The product offers a wide band of frequencies, supporting multiplexed readout. 

The Microwave Readout Module is a preassembled module that includes a built-in TWPA and all the necessary connected microwave components for qubit readouts. The module is designed for Bluefors dilution refrigerators and enables quantum technology companies and researchers to obtain ready-made readout line setups in one package, eliminating the need for separate subcomponents. The solution can also be used for superconducting sensor and detector readouts.

The module includes a high-performance, ready-to-go TWPA solution, low-noise HEMT amplifiers, attenuated pump and readout lines, filtered DC lines, highly efficient magnetic shielding, and integrated filtering and isolation components. The module requires minimum setup time, as it comes pre-tuned for customer measurements, and is pre-assembled and tested.

The entire module is optimized for a high signal-to-noise ratio. The TWPA uses a 3-wave mixing process, providing uninterrupted and flat gain with the parametric pump tone located far away in frequency from the signal band. The product is tested for consistent and stable performance.

Bluefors offers integrated measurement infrastructure that enables high-quality measurement setups for quantum research and other applications. With the launch of the Microwave Readout Module, Bluefors widens their measurement infrastructure selection by adding a complete readout solution with TWPA and all the necessary components.

The module is available for order now. 

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