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IQM Quantum Computers Announces New Co-CEO Structure


Insider Brief

  • IQM Quantum Computers announced the implementation of a dual leadership structure, appointing two Co-CEOs.
  • The company says the new structure will help it prepare for the next phase of growth.
  • Dr. Jan Goetz will lead external relations and fundraising, while Dr. Mikko Välimäki will focus on enterprise commercial operations.

PRESS RELEASE — IQM Quantum Computers, a global leader in building quantum computers, implements a dual leadership structure, appointing two Co-CEOs as part of its next growth phase, effective today.

Former sole CEO and co-founder Dr. Jan Goetz will lead external relations and fundraising, while Dr. Mikko Välimäki will focus on enterprise commercial operations. Together, Goetz and Välimäki will execute IQM’s strategy going forward. They are based in IQM’s corporate headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

When founding IQM in 2018, Välimäki served as chairman of the company. After the first financing round in 2019, he continued as a board member, actively participating in the company’s decision-making and global scaling of the business since then.

“The new Co-CEO approach has vital advantages to strengthen our leadership capabilities. It will leverage complementary skill sets within our leadership team and streamline our organisational performance,” said Dr. Sierk Poetting, Chairman of IQM’s Board.

“As a leadership team, we are confident in Goetz and Välimäki leading IQM to the future and providing value to our customers and partners worldwide. This organisational structure will help us adapt to new opportunities and thrive in a dynamic business landscape.”

Close collaboration among Co-CEOs ensures seamless flow of operations:

In the new leadership structure, the Co-CEOs will share joint responsibility for overall company performance while ensuring a seamless flow of operations.

“Mikko and I have been part of IQM’s incredible journey since the beginning. At this stage of IQM’s growth, I am truly delighted to have Mikko join me as Co-CEO in shaping IQM’s future. The industry is at a critical moment as the processing capability of quantum computers is about to surpass that of even the most powerful supercomputers. Having Mikko on bord to support our commercial operations significantly enhances our business capabilities to capture this opportunity,” said Goetz.

“I am happy about Mikko´s support since it allows me to fully leverage my skills and expertise focusing on external matters. This is a very beneficial development for IQM and all our stakeholders.”

Välimäki’s role in transitioning IQM to a global quantum computing business is pivotal as the enterprise’s operations rapidly expand worldwide. “Leading our commercial operations and aligning our sales and marketing with the exceptionally strong technology foundation to drive long-term growth is very close to my heart. I feel honoured to take on the role of co-CEO together with Jan,” said Välimäki.

The announced leadership structure will also create a new corporate framework and foster IQM’s position as a world leading quantum computer scale-up in the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive market.

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